Anupama 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The episode starts with Anupama and Manraj coming home and says today bless me your son has come home. There is no need for Aarti to see him towards the mouse. Now he is sitting angry he takes care of Anupama. The mother asks for what you will have. She says angry. Anupama made delicious food. I had eaten a lot. She cuts and congratulates, but then her engagement is fixed. The result of her mother’s city and hard work.

As you are ready Samar will come to pick you up, Maruti is angry. She wipes her tears. Mother says happy tears flow Anupama takes mother with her. Bhavesh asks Vanraj to sit. Mother says that today his eyes have changed a lot He loves me very much but did not know about the responsibilities and work of the house. He remains worried. Now the tension subsides, so his love is seen. Vanraj gave a message of apologizing to Kavya. He writes I love you Anupama says That you sold the land and let me tell the mother that the happiness of the child matters the most: the land and the jewelry It was useless for me, so I split between you and Bhavesh.

Anupama asks if I send her home like this, I want to buy Parthos and Kinjal’s happiness. Mother says that you have accepted Kinjal’s daughter as a good mother. And you will become a good mother-in-law, this is your jewelery. Anything you want. Anupama smiles. She has given a rakhi message. Send me the address of theft. I will go and ring the ring to Kinjal. Is my plan will not fail I did not let it win.