Anupamaa 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Samar and Nandini reach home by the beginning of the episode, she is tired of riding a bicycle. I joke on her. She falls into his arms. Anirudh says like Kavya as Nandini is becoming who is with the poetic Sambhal Nandan. He claps and then remains interesting Summer asks who are you Anirudh says I know you were not like poetry. I was wrong. I am afraid of those days. He says you don’t know the whole truth. Just asks to leave. Samar says what he was doing here. No matter what Kavya is divorcing him. She says maybe he came after Kavya. He must have done some drama here. Samar says don’t worry Dad and uncle are there. She says that Kavya was madly in love with him and they got married. Now they accused each other.

Kavya says sorry Anupama I did not know what she wanted to prove. Not that it is your fault. He came here and made a scene. Anupama says that it is not the fault of poetry. He says that it is our fault to bring strangers home. Poetry is really stolen Anupama says that when someone who is at fault asks for forgiveness, you have never done anything wrong, that anger can never do wrong. Society only sees a woman who is separated from her husband, but that is not the reason. Vanraj asks Kavya to leave poetry Kavya says no I will go Anupama says I know it is not easy to forget we are all with you. The door of this house is always open for you.

Diya and gone Nandani says strong girls who dream for themselves do not accept husband’s award does not accept them husband and wife want daily like heroin of soap but girlfriend can go hand in hand but Husband wants to be left behind says that we have someone to accept who we are. She says that everything changes after marriage. Girls are asked to change. I don’t want to get married. She really asks. Hai Mama ji will be a member of the club tomorrow, she is a celebrity and probably says she goes to make Anupama a lamp.

Do I have no idea what the evil eye caught our house. What was the need to take Kavya home? There was no need to make friends. Her mother says that a woman has to become a woman’s support. Mother removes evil eyes from poetry. Mother says you did well to scold Anirudh, but you must be wondering what he said.

Rajput has warned him how dare he come to my house. That you are asking about you. You did not ask if I am right. You asked me to leave. You did not say anything. He says that you refused. Perhaps I could not come, I could not take the risk. I doubted them. Can not give me any chance of trusting me blindly. She did not believe in herself. She said that I was today but my faith is not weak. I cannot always betray my heart. It says that if a marriage happens then daughter-in-law also becomes goodsmiles.

Abe says that I really love you but I’m safe. I say that you know that we are How much love do I have to do a play at my house? I have to live in love with Anupama so that she does not doubt me trust me. I did not cheat you. She says do not break my trust or else everything will end Anupama and the boy keep it outside the house.

Precap :

Rakhi says that we are now sorry for the relationship, Kinjal says that I hope Vanraj accepts her apology, saying that you did the right thing to run this kind of thing.