Anupamaa 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anupama rows of roses for Vanraj and Milk Shake from there Anu says she is happy and looks at him I tell her to take a pinch he falls on her hand he says I’m happy That you trust me. She says why not. He says that it matters what you think about me. You have the right to question me. She says I don’t need to question you. I believe he says that Anirudh is a bad man. He is spoiling the name of poetry to get a divorce in his favor. I am doing this as poetry and I work together I say I understand I say That there is a matter between us I ask what they say that the blame is on Kinjal and what is between Baapu and Radha and Krishna.

She is blushing. I hug her. Anirudh says that I have not given you as much as I have in life Kavya says that you have made this relationship only, divorce me and let me live I can be your habit, not your future, do something in life Can I just come home? How long will I keep going around for business? I ask if I will be successful. She says please leave my life on her body. She drinks. She says that the days will replace Anupama in her Raj’s life. I will go believe me that day will never come. I am coming back in 1 hour. Do not call your bf. 

It says in the morning that he said that he will come. Bapuji says I have come he sings and laughs. We get a rose for my uncle and I say that you are who you are. Bapuji says I am your brother-in-law, I remember my mother, I remember I will go back to my mother. Departed for you can stay with me. Everyone gets Bapu. 1 tells the states not to leave for several days. He also gives power to Babu ji. He tells Vanraj to make the habit of listening only to father-in-law. Vanraj says that father is fine, father-in-law does not suit me, Bane asked Anupama to make tea and snacks for Bapuji, his mother says Yes, I have to make tiffin for Vanraj, I have a holiday today, Dad was coming and we had to talk about his alliance but Bapuji says we will leave him from the kitchen, we will order food, Vanraj great idea .

It says Anupama will make tea for everyone, I will eat everyone, everyone watches, they feel ashamed, they feel at home, Rakhi remembers everything, I say sorry to me, in which districts we bring gifts all the time She says we have to leave early, do not know why the mother left earlier, mother says that Vanraj has left his anger. He goes on his heart is big. Rakhi says that your Anupama says that Rakhi apologized and Bapu ji says that we have to come up to make this a big thing. We are taunting the rest.

Rakhi feels that her aunt is fast. She says that I have come to talk of engagement. Someone smiles at seeing Kinjal and Pramod Ji jokes and asks to be given out. Kinjal applied for all. Bapuji Kinjal says that the stolen summer of a lollipop band says that He is our favorite since childhood, Babuji also gives a rakhi. Rakhi thanked her mother says that you can keep in this English wedding, she insists and tastes it Bapu ji says that we will talk sweet and sweet things now uncle Told the father to keep quiet, he has all laughed. I think I have given him a lollipop of engagement to the family. It will be so bitter after today, Kavya gets it. I am not coming to the office. Dad is coming home Time has to be given, Anirudh collides and plots she says lose you and Vanraj cannot decide my fate. I will get what I want, I leave in anger.