Anupamaa 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

At the beginning of the episode, he hugs Kinjar and looks like he dances as Kinjal says that everything is all right. Mummy said that we will get engaged soon Samar and Pakhi come and leave them yet they still dance. Is that we should marry you soon Anupama says that we are happy but how will we handle the arrangement Rakhi said that there is only one wake up. I thought that you are in such a hurry for marriage. Must be engaged to complete. She stops Pramod from saying anything. She says that we can wait; in the coming days we will be busy in the new session of the coaching center. Sky may be after a few months Mama ji Joking but then everyone runs and sees Rakhi says whatever you decide, we accept it. Vanraj looks at Anupama.

He says okay if you want to be quick, we will say Anupama Can always manage the rest, yes if I put it then someone will say that we are in a community hall Mother will sing the ceremony, says that I will get 40% discount there. Anupama says that we have Sunita’s catering service and clothing store, Rakhi says but our guests cannot come there, I am sharing my problem like this We have kept poetic in the club there and we saw you together. We have members to pick it up. Everything will be done there. We just have to get ready and get there. Kinjal says this is a very good club. He says it will be very expensive. She says no more than 6000 tension ba asks what is the condition of the community taking 10000. Keep saying no I mean 6000 per plate.

He misses the thing asks that you give the silver plate with it in the meal. Rakhi says that there will be around 1500000 we are like we will get a discount of 10:00%. I have already made a booking. Now we cannot do this if I make a booking for you. Koba will go to Kailash. Rakhi says we do not ask. Rakhi says that I thought you did not refuse, says that you should ask us once. Tha Rakhi would say that when you are getting ready for this alliance, why are you getting angry? I think you are under stress about the day after tomorrow. Don’t worry, we will handle it. Just get well prepared and come on time. I will send Ka road designer clothes too.

I hope Ok. Pakhi says that she asks designer clothes if I want to finalize I was that your hand will not be ready for singing. She says you mean Should not have said today I do not want to be mean. I know that your social benefit engagement should be simple. There is no need to spend on marriage. We should ask Kinjal once he will do what he likes but asks Jal. Is Kinjal Kinjal says that engagement is small. For me that place does not matter. Pramod says I was thinking the same as Rakhi says but club booking Pramod says I will cancel from Vanraj so from us in community building Will keep them, I do not worry about Rakhi, everything will be handled well Bapu says to give biographical sweets Parthos thanks Anupama .

Rakhi feels that your happiness is written alpha, you will come to break the alliance, this time your house will also be broken, so Kenjal takes blessings on her, Samar says that I will give this good news to Nandini, I did not take her number. Jaungi is here to tell him not to tell him. Mama ji offers him. Pramod says that we will leave Kinjal, I will send a car once to pick you up. Samar says that those who tell you about us will go inside the house. Are Rakhi says that I hope to take care of you happily that she is like our daughter