Anupamaa 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

At the beginning of the episode, he thanked Burra Raj for hugging him, he was angry that he greeted and hugged him. He also hugs Bapuji and Mama ji. He becomes happy, but he gets angry at him. Bapu ji asks about but I am going. Bapu ji says I want designer kurta for engagement of my grandson Anupama gets breakfast. Mama ji says I have got designer pajamas. Mother says I will go to beauty parlor What was it today? Let Anu Jhilmil cook, we will make the list of engagement. Anupama smiles asks about the wiring.

Mother says ring should be beautiful but not expensive Anupama says I want to talk about these also mother says What is there to talk about, the ring should look big. She sees a design. The king says its good but says that he should have liked the girl’s election ring. He has killed her but Rakhi said that Kinjal Like a ring, will you always buy Vanraj definitely says never mind you say okay Anu Pama has said that it has a diamond ring, it seems like Anupama asks 500000 also miss Pramod asks what are you doing Rakhi says I also have a rescheduling meeting, I ask what to read with her family. What are you doing? She asks what I want.

I am doing everything. He says that I am your husband’s husband and know you well. You have kept the conditions again. You have also broken the relationship last time. He said that I am not doing anything, trust me, relax, I think I am not doing anything, I will start singing songs to Anupama, she said that Rakhi did it, we should not trust her, she is called mother Where is Kinjal will talk slow she can hear Bapu ji says calm down we will talk Rakhi told us we will decide mother says we give gold because yes morning and full selling price is diamonds are worthless We do not get any money on selling it, his mother says that we will agree with him as if he agreed with us. She likes arguing with him.