Anupamaa 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anupama apologizing to Kavya. She says that some people take advantage of trust. Vanraj also meant that every friend is not like you. Doli always jokes that Vanraj looks so beautiful in the OK office. I will see from every girls I tell her that poetry will make me beautiful. I am sure are you alright? Yes she says yes, Samar comes and says that Paritosh is alright. She is with Kinjal. She tries to convince Anupama from Kavya. Said not to take stress, Paritosh and Kinjal argue. He asks her to talk to Anupama. She says I trust her. Don’t talk about her in this way. I can’t go against Rakhi. Scares you. She says if you have a problem then break it up. She says i won’t just say it again i really love you i mean if i lose you i end my life.

If I say Kinjal, then do something soon. She has gone and asks him to listen to her. I knew you also used to talk a lot and now she does not understand me. Poetry says that I do not see my mother like you. You are the best. She is happy to have a mother like you. Anupama asks her to sit down. She thanks him. Is and goes to fetch water Kavya sees Sanjay at the door. He is angry, he gets a call from Vanraj, she says I will leave I have a small meeting, I go. Meenu joked about the business. She goes to meet. Anupama asks Sanjay to stay with her mother. She is very sad Bapu ji is not here. He says that okay Dolly told me about Paritosh and Aman Raj’s battle everything will be alright. Don’t worry she says I am afraid how shall I explain my heart.

Kavya comes to office. Vanraj says sorry I got out of the house early. She cries. She asks what happened sit down. She asks what we are doing and why. I ask if I said anything to them. She says that she does not trust me. Sanjay is very good. There are good people who are harming us. She says that I cannot break her trust. I feel guilty. I do not know that the burden of this bandh will be more Anupama considers me her friend and trusts us. We cannot do this with Anupama.

Sanjay says that poetry often comes. Hai Anupama says that she works with Vanraj. He says that you should always be calm. You will not be jealous. She says that if there is love and trust then there is no place for jealousy. She says that only faith is enough No, love should be a complaint and Sunday too. Kavya says that she did not taunt me. Her faith is hurting me. We have to end it. Vanraj says that we love each other. Our relationship will not break for anyone. You do not love me, we will end it. You do not love me. Anupam is my wife, but I do not love him, I love you, I cannot. Think of having a relationship with a husband and wife for the birth of Pakhi. Since I can only provide security to her, you are mine, so going wrong I feel when I am with you I love you very much. I know I am wrong. Anupama should thank you for breaking someone’s trust. She was my grandmother’s choice. She is good but I have a seat for me. She feels suffocated with him. I am happy with you. Tell me that you can live without me.

She says no. I love you, hugged. She says don’t say it again. Anupama then waits for her mother says you Trying but it is not difficult. Time is to save your house. Anupama says that the children do not trust the parents and says that I hate you Samar comes and says that Paritosh has not gone to a coaching class today. Kinjal says that I have no idea about him but I am not with my friends. You are with you. Kinjal says yes we have an argument. He says that he was already worried about Kinjal. Saree said Anupama says that if you know anything then call us and Mama asked to call Mama ji Sevan Raj Anupama cries and says Paritosh come back Samar calls Vanraj and asks him to come home Paritosh is missing Vanraj asks will I come he says sorry Kavya I have to go Paritosh did not come But she gives him a message and cries. He says angry that he does not know whether Paritosh has reached home or not. Samar and Sanjay are unable to find Paritosh and come home. He is worried about his mother

Precap :

Anupama sees Paritosh drunk, Paritosh says That you are my enemy, if I was an orphan then it was better Anupama slapped her.