Anupamaa 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins after she prays for Paritosh, Anupama holds a lamp and prays Doli says that it doesn’t help. Mama ji says she knows but she is a mummy mummy thinks heartily When Anupama read about Sanjay and Samar came to the children, she asked to find him, Ba blamed Anupama, Anupama feels conscious, but she comes home from me, they are all shocked, they say that I am fine but My happiness is dead. Nobody cares about my happiness. He says that I was in a lot of pain and I had to drink. I don’t need anyone’s support here. Everyone is a cartoon. The biggest is the big one. I think he made that swing. He is married, he never leaves it. He makes fun of her.

Mama ji says that you should not talk to the elders like this. Satisfy says you keep talking. He says that Meenu and I are the same. Our family is for us. Do not care and Doli always leaves him here. He looks at Samar and tells him that Anupama’s favorite son of puppet Pakhi Kya Hum A selfie pick will chak you all are weak in studies but there is no pressure here no one listens to me I am not an ideal son I tried I topped college even then I am not a fan of anyone.

Vanraj is on the way It is great Vanraj as Anupama says don’t take her name. Paritosh says that his big ego was intransitive. In fact, he is like a king. His name should be Emperor. He says that the great Anupama is the mother in your name, just in his name. I am an enemy. You cannot see my happiness. I wish I was an orphan compared to being such a parent. She slaps Samar. She tells Samar not to come in the middle. She says that this house is Ba and Bapu’s temple. Have you come here drunk? She finds him to abuse Baa and Mama ji. She defends the family. She has said that Mama ji will always remember your mistreatment, but she throws it at her aunt. And asks to honor uncle. She says that Doli took care of you when you were young. Sanjay is my brother. He is the son of this house. Now Sanjay says please Anupama says that it did not come in the middle.

Anupama says that it is fine for nothing but she did not leave the house for a child. He did not get drunk and he insulted the elders. He is your father. You did not bring shame for us. You are ashamed of us. She says that the rest is the youngest but you were dear to everyone, yet you are not happy. You are the eldest, how can you make a mistake, what will you learn from me? I beat her. Is she says that mommy can be everything but never an enemy. When you were born, the doctor said that either the mother or the child will survive. I told your father that you can save the mother for the child. The child should appreciate his mother. I told you that you will marry Kinjal. You can’t trust me. Okay you don’t get angry. You got drunk and you didn’t think of us. He beats her.

 Precap :

Vanraj asks where Paritosh is where mother says he came home drunk she tells everything Anupama gets sleeping pills. He shouts that she dare How did it happen.