Anupamaa 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Paritosh saying that no one cares about me. I tried to grow a good son. I asked Kinjal I was bad for him. I love Kinjal, he is for me, he cries. Says summer is unsuccessful Summer says sleep now we’ll talk tomorrow He calls Kinjal and says Paritosh came home she says I have come she says there is no tension in the house I hope you Must have understood she says let me talk to him he says sorry i can’t talk to you i’m ok i have a request that i know you both love each other he is emotional he broke up Whatever happens, you don’t leave her. She cries. Sanjay asks Anupama to bring some curd and long, but then he will feed her.

Mama ji says yes, don’t know what will happen if on Vanraj, Sanjay sees her drunk. He asks to take Meenu in. He says that we should not tell Vanraj who is there, nor asks why does it not mean to tell him to hide it from him? Mama ji can be a big mistake, we have to tell them at the right time.

She says that we should tell Vanraj just that he can handle it but Mama ji says don’t tell me today, Anupama goes to the kitchen. Finger is hurt she cries and says that india was that drunk and hurt i hurt her more than what kind of mother i am i have made a mistake she sits down crying sanjay comes and says no you You have not made any mistake. You have to get angry after knowing that you have to handle the secret made by Raja. She takes the curd to him but Anupama remembers her getting up and says sorry open your eyes curd. Hai she says trust me I wish you happiness wherever you live just be happy and fine Doli tries to convince Ba Vanaraja makes Mama ji also request you Vanraj comes home and asks if So his maternal uncle says he is sleeping, he came home late. All is well.

Vanraj says I am not a kid. Tell me where he is. Help Anupama’s finger. Rata She says I made a mistake. Did you tell Kinjal she would be worried. Samar says Pakhi and I always did mischief but he did nothing. He was a perfect son. You remember he never asked for anything. For the first time, we asked something that we cannot complete. Father is not trying. Can he not talk to him, but give him some clarity. Vanraj asks what happened here. Mother gets angry that in Vanraj your mother’s uncle, sister and Sanjay also insulted. He taunts Pakhi and Samar. He did not leave his parents too. Anupama says you are right I am price win happiness and life. I will understand Raj. Tells Vanraj everything. Summer says I hope father understands you Manraj runs how dare her Anupama says that I will go and see them, she gets to see bullets. She asks if this Tell me what is summer checks who has sleeping pills she worries.

Precap :

Anupama shows her sleeping pills Raj gives her He says it’s your last chance.