Anupamaa 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anupama stopping Vanraj and giving him a tablet strip that he goes to the square and says that the sleeping pill my son came home drunk and was eating sleeping pills I was also upset with my parents but I never did Didn’t because we parents don’t know Anupama. He gets sad. Anirudh comes to Kavya. She tells him to stop living in the past and stay at the border. He asks what you will do. He laughs and jokes Is that you will go to Vanraj.

She says that it has no business. You must have shown interest in my life first, then I will be with you. She says that I was not a caring and attentive husband but I was just your girl. Who does not know about who is always in the first of his academy and career, how he is happy to make another woman in someone’s life I am not happy Vanraj did not get you I did not lose you I will not let you go easily.

Anupama Baba gets water for Manraj, says that don’t tell Paritosh anything or else I don’t forgive anyone Kiya Mama ji says it is time to explain with her if Parit does something in that anger then who will stop her Anupama says I will stop her will we do nothing to make her happy she tells Vanraj not to scold her Trust your mother, if not a wife, then Vanraj says, I trust you are responsible for this, I have to work, you have to take care of the house, I have done my job but you cannot handle the house, you do not know about the children that you are a single Flourishes but i trust you too you don’t want me to be in the middle i give you 1 day to get everything right. You said i should trust a mummy once you fail If you go then you can’t come in. Do you agree? Anupama remembers Samar’s words. She says yes I will. She goes across to her crying, she says I don’t know how I will do it but I will not worry.

Vanraj feels that Anupama has told, but how she will do it, she says that I will fight for you Lord On the morning of the morning Anupama wakes her up and gives her lemonade and the bar starts and hugs her. I apologize, look and go away. Anupama says that it was good that you realized the mistake. Promise me you don’t do it again. Kiya Ba asks how did you make this mistake. Anupama is the reason for all the drama. Let her do whatever she wants, Vanraj goes to remind her of her childhood incident.

She says that you used to explain to Pakhi and even Hope water. Is like a boat. If a boat sinks, we make another name. Our job is to move forward. At least the children can cry for grief. Your father cannot even cry. He is upset with you but Parents do not give up loving a child. Everyone loves you so much. You have to support yourself. It is my responsibility to make him his wife about Kinjal. I will keep my promise. Let me give you some time in your dream for 1 month. It took time, I took time to build a relationship, don’t worry. I’m there. He says that I understand I trust you. I have no hope. Can see i am sad i feel like my future is in the dark now i feel like i have lived my life i want to be happy and as much as i want but not able to be happy i am weak Help me please save me. He cries. He cried .

Precap :

Anupama once asked to meet Rakhi. Rakhi says that I will show you my place today. Rakhi falls down.