Anupamaa 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anupama answering Rakhi to ask Rakhi what you will have. That human item falls. Anupama says that it is good to have Gujarati food here. Rakhi says that it is the club for international season Anupama says that this world Unseen she likes our Indian food. She shows a man an amphitheater. Rakhi says that the annual member cost you 3000000 will be much higher than your husband’s annual income. Samar’s maternal uncle asked not to worry. That I hope Rakhi Mami does not get in trouble. Nandini comes and says that you wish you asked for something.

She asks if you were wishing for me. She says I wish I was getting an electrician. My fuse has blown. Tha he laughs and says I know your fuse has blown. She says I mean my house is a fuse. He says you need help. She just says I will return the equipment. She suppresses the take. She goes on to say that when I am in front of her my fuse blows away. Mama ji says that I always remember I will keep. I did not help any such girl in my young days. Summer says that I have changed my path after seeing girls. Mama ji says I know her I was very wrong. I was always single. I think you too Singles will Summer asks does.

Rakhi say that we spend more money in our international trips. I ask Anupama to get water. She says that Kinjal moves to London. She is more into her hair salon SP care and birthday party. Spends money, you will know where you are standing in front of us. Will I tell you more about your situation? I think you will not need it. Talk now.

Anupama says that I wish you always the grace of Mother Lakshmi. They are doing wrong. Saving money eats up. If this happens in the mind then it becomes a weakness. Their mother says that money is not everything. She answers Rakhi. I say that the rich only sees half of the money. It costs money to show together. You said that you spend money in your party but are happy with it. I buy that house but he dreams for me, knows that everything cannot be bought. He will understand it well. You are like me, you want me to go around Tulsi and roam around the world. Rakhi says that we They are different and say no. Your daughter is unhappy and my son is also unhappy. Your daughter lies to come to my house. My son left my house.

Kinjal did not see Naina and our house, then she did not take your money. Rakhi says That we are not the same now, says that the agony and condition of our children is the same, they are eager to meet, they will go away and get married in a court, never see our face, will not show their children to us, then we will both cry. When given to her children and she has gone through the pain, the mother’s pain will always be the same, the mother may be the same, but the pain can not be different. Is that you do not want to marry them, I want them to get married, I will do this, not just love and war but also in love Something is right.

Pinjore Paritosh is anxious and waits for the call. Vanraj and mother are also bullied that I have come to talk about studies. It was said that they want to get married and they can go against us and Can we get married? We better bless them. Let me know that you agree that for this marriage, Mama ji asks the father to get juice. Kinjal comes home and stops her and asks Rakhi to take a written statement. Asks him if the mother has come, he smiles and hugs Kinjal and asks him to talk in front of him. He says that I missed you. I said that I took Father’s permission and met you. I promised me you did not disappear and his hand is promise looks on Ba.