Anupamaa 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anupama saying Rakhi that I will hire an auto and will leave Vanraj and Kavya are seen coming. She says that you are traveling in auto and 1 Raja is walking in the car with his colleague Tha Manraj and Kavya see them. Kavya says that we should not come for lunch. Maharaj says that I do not know that Anupama is going to meet Rakhi here. I will handle this. Vanraj meets Rakhi and says that I have a Had a client meeting she jokes. She must have thought that she has come on a date with her colleague. He quickly asks annoyed what she said Anupama says what we did not think congratulations. She agreed we have settled the engagement too. He says annoyed that I can’t believe it. You did Anupama. He holds her hand. When is she looking at him? She says your son’s marriage is fixed. Gundaraja goes out of Anupama’s hand. Anupama says that we then at home to show everyone what I should wait for the end of the meeting we will go home tomorrow and will inform the light he will be happy.

Vnr Jaj feels that I want to see happiness on his face but I can’t hurt Kabe to go to business, I can handle the admissions again tomorrow. His mother says we will go home. How is it gratification? Do not know Manraj asks that you are sure that the poetic serial came. The man says that the tire of your car has been punctured. We are changing it. It will take some time. Raj says that we will have coffee. Anupama says that we will have poetry to get dessert.

Kinjal thanked thread and says Rakhi hugged her I have to say Kinjal done for your pleasure that I will make him notice her get Anupama the message she wants to give him the good news to them that says Hai Rakhi says later thought about marriage. I mean to think about the engagement. Pramod looks at them. Mother tells him I have told Rakhi a lot and Rakesh agrees and smiles and asks what condition he has this time. Rai Anupama does not say anything. She says she has something on her mind. It is okay to trust her. She says that I agree to the happiness of Kinjal. I messaged Kinjal to inform him. I want to inform Rajesh that Kavya asked Yamraj to have food.

Anupama says that Vanraj and she is allergic to Kamal Cucumber Anupama. And today tells an incident when I say that I have bought a car so that my wife and children do not get submerged in rain again. Anupama says that she said she will do everything for the family. Vanraj gave the message of poetry. She says I have to go to the office Anupama asks her to bring her home with her. Manraj says that she is right. Manager Kehta hai. Is your car ready? He goes Kavya angrily. His thoughts go to the seat next to him. Sitting Kavya gets upset. Vanraj hints at her. She takes a back seat. Samar comes to help Nandni. They have a moment when she argues he leaves her. She shouts she says I am 25 years old. He never says he means you are 3 years older than me. I wonder he fixes the fuse. Now he is It is on them that I ask if we will go to the temple tonight. Vanraj agrees. His mother says when we came to see me for marriage, I had a vow that he agreed that we got married. The seat belt opens today. Wait i will fix.

kavya is jealous and misses anirudh’s words he fixes her. She thinks that anirudh was right manraj loves me but anupama will always be his wife i can’t do that i can do her car and Need a seat in life, sorry, I can’t share it with you. I see anger from the states, then Anupama does a message, makes her cry, gives her money, she asks us how she is He says I need help, but he says that Mummy has not come out and calls him. He runs to see Samar and Nandini and looks ready as a bride. What is Summer, everyone says his future And surprises her. Banda is ready. Samar and Nandini Nepal Surkhet and exchanged garland. Everyone dances in India and confused He falls, he runs a lot, what a joke, I’m stressed, I see Anupama Raj and poetry at the door.