Kasauti Zindagi Ki 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Prerana because what to worry and sleep is not to say it was just a nightmare. In the morning Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna. He says guess what I have on the cover of the magazine He shows his picture. He says that it is a great honor. In writing, you have given a new face to your real estate in Kolkata. You have destroyed all the hard work of Anurag and Basu industries. Look at all your hard work. The women who considered for the award, Prerna says, I am just going home to insult Anurag. She goes to visit her and welcomes her. She demands so much. She says that she went to meet Anurag. She says that she ran Anurag’s name in the night at Anurag’s house. Maybe he once had a bad dream. 

Komolika Anurag kisses Prerna thinks her my fault. Now I am not my wife but just my boss. She is missing in the love of her life. I’m going to be with him Anurag asks what happened Komolika asks if You can’t see what I want to show you. I hug her. She says enough. You think whatever has happened to you, I know your well. I will do the same thing again. But I am your wife. Only I have the right to breath and kiss my body. He says that tell me, I have never been interested in you, I will never be. I ask why you still have the taste of the middle class. This girl was married to Mr. Bajaj but your eyes are on her, so she has followed you. You know what such women are called, characterless women.

She says enough not a single word. Inspiration is just Bajaj’s wife. No one has a wife for me. She is my inspiration. Don’t say a word against her. She asks why do you feel bad then you see her old inspiration. She is married so you will both kiss and support each other for free. I did not want to be tied to him, I will let him come between us, he can snatch you, you just love him Not me. He says I don’t care for you. You’ve come into my life when it was in my life. It was my love. Don’t try to be like him. I leave.

Inspiration is on the way. She thinks of Anurag. She says Is that I should reach here after 8 years I fell on my feet and apologized I Anurag and I swear they think I am but they do not know that tears make strong in every sorrow request that I am so weak Done, I dreamed of getting her. I have to control otherwise she can cause trouble for her. Anurag comes home to tie the shoe. He comes to her senses next to her. He does not see it. He says that I think She is here.

Prerna meets Basu Nivedita gets Anurag’s call and says I am coming, you start sitting down, if you do not, here you are. See this Prerna Bajaj is smiling, I wrote that I have traded him Do you think has been celebrated tonight do you think i will give you one or 51% stake I am foolish to give up. I think I would have put Neha on my hands. The contract does not matter to her. She says that right now you will be responsible for taking your children.

The contract goes to Prerna. Anurag says that you think You can take my place Mr. Bajaj comes why do you think you can take my place forcibly Anurag says that the matter will always be mine.