Kasauti Zindagi Ki 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Prerna’s identity, FB asks Durga Maa’s Chunri to show contract to run, but says so much, promise me you didn’t put your life at risk. Sambandha says promise You will always keep Chunri. You will not read into the problem and embrace the inspiration. FB ends. The family thinks that I can do anything for her. Komolika asks Nivedita to check the file. Nivedita says her right but Anurag What if he knows about Mallika, she says that she will be angry to know that we asked for 51% of the lions from Prerna.

She was upset to learn about the demolition, listen to them and check Nivedita says that Anurag never Would like that the projects of inspiration came to us she would be upset she would ruin herself but i will help motivation says that she ruined herself and our business, we covered any loss meher Ignored it I should handle reading. What a wonderful feeling Haas hai. When the time comes I will handle Anurag. She goes and gives the file to Prerna. She says I knew that you will sign these papers or else signs the papers. When does Qawwali ask Nivedita to learn it? Did you think about its big sacrifice. It can ruin it. Just imagine if this magazine gets a mention of whether inspiration has fallen from the sky to the ground then I will get the prize. I am a 51% stake holder. I changed the game. Haven’t said that the best deal for me is love and peace.

I don’t think you hear it. Monica says I will send you a copy. It’s not easy give me the orphanage papers and you can get the income. Monika says that you are fast otherwise how will your Bajaj become. You ask Nivedita to get the work of the orphanage. She asks Mohini to give inspiration to tea. Black coffee goes to Mohini America says that when I told you I saw in my husband’s arms, so I decided to demolish the ashram. You tried to convince me, you started arguing with me about the fight. Prerna said, if you and Anurag try to harm the children, you don’t know what I will do, you will regret it. Mallika says that you look very cute. When you say this, look at me, I am Anurag’s wife when you are away from her. It will be better for you. She says that I hate Anurag.

You keep him. Congratulations if I get stuck in such a situation It is not going to happen; Mohini comes with a copy and does not ask if you are not getting OK Ji. Mohini says that it is over. Hai calls and reminds me of the meeting Anurag says that I think we should invest in garments. You have moved forward. Nivedita is coming. He will start the meeting. He is looking for a place to park his car. Mr. Bajaj comes there. Anurag Moves to see Mr. Bajaj get off the car, he argues for a parking space Mr. Bajaj says that I think there is another reason for anger. Anurag says that you know that I am angry you look like nothing has happened, only Bajaj says that I accept the truth Have the courage to do it.

Do you have the courage to accept that you are hiding your reality that you can fall so low and seek the help of someone like you hated for 8 years it is easy to love someone but you It is hard to respect what you love. Anurag says that I like to sleep. See my car is standing well. It was always my place. I do not show my authority over my loved ones like I will show my place. I know the talk of others. Listen if someone has my thing, then I will not leave it. I will take my thing back. It is not yours, it will always be mine. Bajaj says that I understood what a gold is, let me explain someday. Goes fond.