Kasauti Zindagi Ki 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anurag stating his good choice but he falls down but chooses and looks at the picture of Prerna.He remembers Bajaj’s words. He thinks I know you and he is bothering you. Chandrika goes to the ashram with some baggage and people see burn marks on her arm, Prerna comes to meet Priyanka. The man says that you are Prerana standing in front of your bulldozer to save the ashram. Thank you Priyanka is not here But her elder sister is here or not I said ok I will let her from the orphanage. I ask the man to come to Chandrika.

Someone had come to meet her lover. Chandrika says that to meet Priyanka, two men say that this woman Has saved our tears. I know you don’t want to meet strangers, but what papers she got from the orphanage. Prerna saved her. Chandrika recalls the words. FB shows Kamalika that this girl’s mother is greedy And Chalak is the inspiration, she shows a picture of inspiration and says that she is an old Unfortunate that the child is a woman, Chandrika feels that this is the inspiration, Anurag gets out in his car, he worries and says why the workers are not looking big, he and Mahendra do stop the car and they are gone.

Anurag asks him to come out of the car, what happened the brakes are not running. I pushed hard and then where did you stop. Speak to you. Okay Anurag says yes you ask here, why do I come here? Can Anurag say that you saved me last time and inspiration when the car brakes failed I asked him not to come but he has risked his life I realized that I do not want to die I want Till tomorrow nothing happens to me Mulai says that we will celebrate with the Saudi people. You will live longer. Anurag says I am not afraid of death. I think I should rectify my mistakes. Mulai says that I am good for my daughter I know you can’t do anything wrong, if you feel like it, then correct it. K gets called Anurag leaves too.

He thinks I don’t want to be until I tell everything. He has already sent a lot. He calls Mr. Bajaj and says I have Special plan for Diwali is Aaram returned to Ayodhya. I believe that Sita returned to her in-laws’ house this year, Mr. Bajaj says that I was right thinking he was going to make a big trouble for me. Taking a girl. Hai does not drive the woman to come to pick her up Miss Neha says that we have come to pick up her sister, thanks Prerna gets sad and Sneha says contract comes Prerna hugs her and cries Priyanka comes the result of the orphanage village She goes, she says that now no one can take away this land, the contract says you have fulfilled your promise but neither says that we will not be away from each other now.

Chandra says why does she go and thinks she The same inspiration is that on FB, another Chandra Ka comes to the police station and the inspector gets the paper etc. They say that she is our girl. It is that but he asked me to find his mother. He has got Chunri. Everyone has Chunari in such a goddess. Chandrika said that I promise that I will find your mother, I will unite you and give her the constitution to embrace her. Mohini sees him to give him sweets, why not bother Mohini doesn’t say anything Kamalika wants to attend a call Mohini asks if you can’t smile in front of her Nivedita said that no I’m not happy you know How did we get this responsibility Mohini would say that you are worried about Nath and don’t worry.

Prerna will take care of her. These children are run-of-the-mill. I believe that tomorrow is bad. She needs to take care of the children but we are getting her money. Are and the stuff is back due to Monica, so just remember that Anurag and you were upset after losing the project of that city, you will return to the league only because of you.