Kasauti Zindagi Ki 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The episode begins with Priyanka stating that the orphanage will no longer be demolished. Prerna did it. It’s not great Chandrika thinks what blood recognizes blood. They look so happy together. Right now close to their real Don’t know Priyanka introduces Chandrika. Samita goes to the children. Chandrika feels that Prerna is happy to see the contract. The contract asks how did you like Iksa inspiration said that I really like the contract. Dia yes we have many. Come Chandrika says I need to talk to you. She remembers Anurag’s words and does not ask what is the matter. Nivedita collides with Kaushik and asks if you are fine. Tell me.

I’m your maasi i say i’m fine i miss my mistake he says i made a mistake i can’t tell you i feel guilty he thinks i’ve done too bad with inspiration i say That just apologize is that if you correct your mistake then you can make better than you Hey Shama. If this person matters to you, he will probably make you understand that there is no tomorrow. Fix it. He smiles and says that now he is the best maasi in the world. Thank you. She says go and say sorry. Yes, I will fix everything, how will I have to meet and she will tell that I did this with such a mistake, she is sensible, she got angry but forgive me.

Kamalika is on call Anita gets Monika to say that you Looking very happy Nivedita says this is for our dream and has a 51% stake in Bajaj project. What is the next plan? What about Reena that I will bring her on a road to begging no one left her Could Mr. Bajaj and Anurag not save her? Anurag gets Nivedita’s call and hides Nivedita and Kamal’s finale. He comes in. He says you are here Nivedita says yes. He asks what are you hiding Komolika nothing. She then asks when is the paper correct comolica she called me to review her idea? Mittal Company is ready to invest i have a meeting i will see you.