Kasauti Zindagi Ki 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the constitution that tells Prerna to come to the icon. Prerna is Chandrika thinks about Prerna. Priyanka asked why did you lie so much to whom Chandrika says that I can’t think of anything when she When I started questioning me, I said what came to my mind as the car breaks down. Kaushik sees him and comes to help.

He asks him to buy a new car. He says we get a free mechanic. It says in a very funny way, I will see you start. She says it does not start. He says that I will call a mechanic. The contract goes to buy the scroll. The man asks what question is the contract and the inspiration says chocolate. That man asks if I am yours Mummy milli sorry i found that you two look alike. Contract asked am i beautiful like her dont say you are more beautiful kaushik calls the mechanic.

He says they will need 45 meters to come Is because he asks why do I suggest Kaushik places He says that I do not want to go anywhere. He says that I am going to drink tea there. You wait for the mechanic. I sit on the bike Are not Samidha fights for the icon Priyanka thinks why Chandra’s truth She is not saying what she wants to hide.