Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anurag saying sorry that it was an inspiration to blame you. He tells her to give Prerna a rosy. Komolika feels that Komolika will put the contact in Prerna’s life. Prerna asks to go, she signs the contract and goes away Suman asks the contract if she has a sweet contract, says I have a scrum. Nothing is good, not even fights. Anurag He nods. He thinks there is no other option. Mohini asks Komolika to apply Anurag’s name for mehndi. Komolika thinks Prerna to do it for Asia. Inspiration says I am looking at mehndi designs for kids. Ice Cream Bricks asks Prerna I will go and see.

Monu says you don’t love me Cell says I love you more than Monu asks more than Ki. It’s good if you have a misunderstanding, how do you Love you tell him that I wrote exam papers Kaushik says that I do not love him only his crime is that he gets his bros and goes to give him Monu says how do you love Kaushik says I called him a Not a bad girl. Monu says that my feeling is not wrong. I will go to jail. Kaushik says no. We are Basu Hai. Kya comes. Monu tells him to be honest how he loves someone. Yes I say him. Likes Shivani looks at Rohit and smiles Monica gives her message and asks her to behave madly in love with Shivani. Speak looks at her and wonders why she is making him stay angry on Nivedita Hai Moolai feels that Rohit has got the message and wants them to be with Shivani. He does a lovely job. Looks at Monu. Prerna gets hurt by the account. Anurag looks after her. He says that you are wrong. There is nothing like that.

He says that you are thinking wrong, you just shut up. He says that you He had saved me at the construction site. Let me help. Kaushik says that I felt that he is not arrogant. Anurag has enabled me. I thought that it has spoiled but it is not that I see sadness in his eyes. Don’t know why i can not look at me sad trust me i am sad to see her tears that he listens to her and remembers her moments.

Ronit praised Shivani’s mehndi Suman and Kajal smiled to It seems that Ronit is not bad. Kajal offers it to Shivani. She tells Ronit to wait for some time. She can admire the water after marriage. People believe that Komolika messaged her to do so behavior. She is doing and she says I want to get it. To know how much she loves him with her hand, Sumani writes Suman on her hand and goes to Mohini and says that I want to see that you How much do you love me? He asks the girl to put mehndi in his hand.

Kamalika feels that old people go crazy. I say that there is only one enough Mohini staring and he says that he acts like a Mohini. He says okay I will go much further there. She goes and shows Rohit his Mehndi. He takes the phone to cry. Good and says Shilpa comes Shivani goes with her. Ronit looks tired. Thinks what happened to her Anurag asks Inspiration to send the pain and its poison does not act like contract. Its poisonous trust me. Are Prerna drives, Anurag asks her to wait. He pulls out the counter and says that now settling down.

Precap :

Anurag apologizes to Prerna. He says give me 2 minutes I will tell you the truth why I did all this.