Kasauti Zindagi Ki 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anurag and thinks I had to lie about the poisonous account otherwise he endures the pain. On the note, Rose checks motivation for the family. He gets angry. A man tells employees about a faulty door lock. I say Prerna calls Anurag and says that you think I am stupid you lied to me you answer me here is bad network. She says do not make excuse of bad network. She goes to get ice cream. She says That you are scared he says that you come in front of me and talk where are you employees listen to him and say that the network has gone to Madam Silver, the network is bad Anurag comes right and goes to the cell says I just want to see that cookie happy.

I smile when I see her smiling I am confused I don’t like her but now I see her girl I was looking for she gets Anushka’s phone and Kaushik says nothing will happen in your career, Monu says that you decide that you Whom to save is Moula A. Coronavirus and he says his password is safe. He tells Monu to go and eat something. Kaushik says I am a little lost. I say I stole this phone. Kaushik says Manners have said that let me cry is a big sinner. Kaushik says that Rohit’s phone goes to Anurag Prerna. She says stay there. Don’t feel afraid i hold my accent she says you used to find small excuses to fight. You loved me at that time maybe he thinks you’re right there is a small excuse that i came here I want to be with you. I don’t want to lose you. She says you can’t speak to me. Well I don’t know what college girls have seen in you. You had no attraction and you still have no attraction. Hai I stop her and say that how you fell in love with me, the main song of yours plays, I remember my moments.

Shilpa says that Crying is the same guy who bothered you a lot and Ronit hurts him to keep quiet. He asks how are you Shilpa Shivani says she is my best friend. We were talking Rohit says we are Shilpa Many people are skeptical about our marriage. Maybe you are one of them. We are not considering the past. I like to live in the present. I love you Shivani. Shivani says I too She loves to ask Shilpa to pick you up from your phone. She doesn’t find her phone. Shivani asks what happened. She thinks.

Prerna misses Anurag and Komolika. He says I’m tired of fighting with you. Sorry what i wrote to you is really game she says i don’t want to listen he closes the door and says listen to me 2 minutes she turns away he says why did you love me You thought we spent the steps together and were beautiful I am tired I am listening to your taunts I want to tell you the truth Why did I do all that. Inspiration looks at him. Kaushik says that password is not Shivani’s birthday. Molu says to enter on Monica’s birthday. Kaushik says we have to think well.

Let’s enter Komolika’s name. There is a lot of love between them. Kaushik says not to say that I will ask for a password by quantity. Kaushik thinks who he wants to check. Why Mohini gets irritated asks if you saw Molai Komolika says I think he is suspicious of you You stole your phone Mohini says I have my phone Komolika says I saw her There where Nivedita is Mohini says she has gone. She thinks that Akash Nivedita finds a rich man and gets a life. Komolika says Is Anurag’s phone available? Anurag says I have done a lot to you. Lied and hurt you really shama you were crying i you I did not wish to calm you down but healed your wounds. Inspiration says that you are lying. He says look in my eyes. I am lying. She says that this is your innocent problem. Face covers your deception. You said that you love me. I will not believe you. It seems that you are telling the truth but no I cannot believe you have become a liar. A cheater and greedy person. Inspiration is different.

Precap :

Anurag says that I am not so wrong as people think of me. Oh no, I say that I do not believe in you. You do not matter to me. I keep it close and say that you are still there for me. You matter.