Kasauti Zindagi Ki 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Rohit thinking why I didn’t delete the message if Komolika knows about my phone. He worries Shivani feels she is looking worried. He goes to talk to Komolika about Kaushik. I think she asks how did you know that Rohit loves you Shivani says when someone worries for you then you want to make you happy and do what you love, then his love doesn’t make you such a person Should be lost, Kuki says that such people are not present these days Shivani said that the person lives among us, we must recognize her.

Prerna asks that Anurag you are drunk, she clarifies she says I am rich Prerna Bajaj. Tells her not to fight. Just take her jacket. She is feeling cold. She says that I am tired of fighting please. She says I do not want your fake worries. She keeps the jacket in the fridge. She says that you Could have given me. I was not like this. She feels cold. She says I don’t care don’t drink alcohol and come in front of me He says that I understand she thinks why are you taking care so that I do not get weakened Rohit says I have made a big mistake, forgive me. Kamalika asks what happened. 

He says that I want to marry Shivani I am so that you can take revenge from her. If everyone knows then she says do not think she says sorry it will happen tonight. You messaged me to talk to Shivani lovingly that she does not suspect I did not delete the message. Kiya asks him to come to the issue. I say the phone is stolen without coming there. He says I think Kaushik took it. Komolika slaps him. Veena says what happened.

Komolika asks if you Such a big mistake, why are you alive, why don’t you die? Shivani will know everything. Anurag and Prerna sit away. He asks if you believe in karma. So we got into trouble. He tells him to behave normally. He says that you like to fight it all. He says Ti hai yes i feel great she says i can’t tolerate the cold today. She says you should have used my jacket without going to listen to them. Komolika tells her that everything was ruined because of your mistake You will know that the message was short. Sorry to say sorry. She looks at Veena’s ban in the mirror. Ronit asks what we can do. Komolika says Shivani has the message in the phone. She loves you so much she gifts him. I wanted to raise it as a wedding gift. You lost the phone. What will we say to her? Now I am not a word, I am very angry. He says I want to know that you are angry but I do not understand what you are saying I will get cold water for you. She slaps him again.

Veena feels that Monica is always angry. The thing is not big. Will I go and stop her. Komolika shows Veena and says that she is standing behind without saying. Shivani should not be disturbed Ronit says I promise you Komolika says recover data Shiva Nee’s message and you drive, I don’t want his mehndi to be bad. He agrees. He begs that we survived. Slapped him. He says that Kaushik has my phone. He was pretending like he accidentally called Mila shows her phone and says that Mulai was with her. Now she is useless. He asks how did you get it.

She remembers Rohit looking at Patra’s phone and Kamalika goes to him. Patra says it was open Is she drinks juice on the phone she says sorry she takes the phone and drops it in the jug she says shemaa hai abhi hai hai the phone will not work i will get the same model for you she goes away with the phone fb ends Hai Ronit says this is the best she says after us I have to treat her again. She needs a long sleep or else she can cause problems for me. She goes. She smiles. Koshi says Rohit is a Not a good boy, Bolo says that I should talk without further inspiration but we have to warn Shivani that she is very happy.

Kaushik says that Shivani is simple. I like them i can’t marry crying hear monu and misunderstand but she says so much that i didn’t forgive you anurag says ok i told you to wear jug ​​you will get some energy to fight you’re stubborn he went unconscious he calls to say anything to her she looks her fall on the ground, he says to hold him warm his hands I say for not giving up her passion and inspiration.

Precap :

The closer are found when everyone enters the basement. The doctor says that Anurag gives him oxygen or else he does not escape. Komolika says that Prerna has offended me. She takes a knife and looks at Prerna.