Kasauti Zindagi Ki 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anurag asking for help. The man says the door is jam. Anurag says Prerna and I are locked here. Call a doctor. The man says that I have to call the repair man. I call the doctor too. I will go. Anurag asks not to give up with inspiration. I try to warm my hands. Komolika asks do you see yourself Mohan says I have not seen her. Kamal says call Nivedita and ask her Ask that he gets angry Mohini says that Anurag is not with Nivedita. Anurag says that I did not make a sacrifice that you are living in this way as I am saying that you cannot give up. The kid does Mahesh and Shivani jokes.

The man comes and says that the ice cellar doors are jammed. Prerna and Anurag are locked inside. Komolika goes to the Chowk. She asks where is the cell today. The man says this way Anurag says I did not let anything happen to you. He runs for help. He says that your operation session is over. You will not be able to breathe. Will not give up. He gives him oxygen for mouth to mouth Pune. Inspiration comes to his senses and sees him. He goes away. I ask how dare he say that God Thankfully, she says don’t say anything. She says thank god you have survived. I was scared for you.

They say that they have not taken affection for you. You have no recognition of the demolition letter of the orphanage. Signed he says I didn’t do it. Believe me she says I have seen your signatures. You know that I love Mina, you have done this to hurt me. You think I want you Trust me he says I did not do it. She says that I can never forgive you. You showed me that you can do anything. See what I do. He says enough that you think I can do it. Look in my eyes, she remembers her words, the original comes and comes knocking on the door screaming at you Shivani runs Prerana to ask Mahesh to open the door. Man comes and opens the door. Everyone enters sees Anurag holding him in his arms and looks after him.

He cuts out Anurag and Prerana Anurag Prerana He takes the doctor to his room. He asks the doctor to examine him. He says that we are locked in the basement. No one fainted came to save us. He first asks her to change clothes and stay warm. Anurag says to go and change, just check the love. He asks for a heater to warm the doctor and comes. The doctor says that I am sure that Anurag has provided him with oxygen and saved his life otherwise He can not escape, do not worry, I will give an injection. The doctor says he should thank you. He saved his life. If I am not wrong, she is Prerna’s husband. Shivani gets silent. The doctor left Mahesh. Mohini asks Komolika to listen to her and she gets clothes for Noora. She gives milk to him and says she is angry she asks that you asked me and says did not have the right to rule.

Inspiration arises Shivani says that they have saved her, do not know that try to kill me Ki Shivani says that he was very worried for you, don’t know why Prerna remembers him words Shivani says I know you hate me she tried to die you told her and you say I am giving you a Wanted to see the bar is still conscious the doctor left we have fixed a room heater ok go home and relax he says i will see him once veena says i don’t want you to meet him again He asks if I can see him once. She says there is no way he dies to go. He thanked me for honoring his word. Inspiration Someone looks like I would have died if he hadn’t saved me So why did he save me Shivani says that I will get happiness for you only given that Anurag has left Shivani says yes She thinks something is difficult for me to understand. Komolika comes and says that I am happy that you are alive but says so much that if I were dead Komolika says that you should be happy Anurag also move forward. Brings a fruit knife to enlarge and makes a face.