Kasauti Zindagi Ki 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The episode begins with Kamalika cutting the apple. Anurag tells me that he was like that to kiss you. Inspiration says that you are fake. He is a liar. Maybe he saved me to change me like I saved him again. Not happy komolika asks him to eat apples but says so much you have. Komolika says that we told you that you give us 50% to the lion base of Bajaj city. Think of the children who will lose their house and We will demolish those orphanages. She threatens inspiration. She says that I think of the committee. I promise we will not leave the orphanage. If you give us shares, you will save your Constitution house somewhere. You will do a great job. She loves you as her mother. Now she loves you. If you or Sneha’s memories matter, then the government will throw the children in another city. You can see your daughter again. If you need help, then I call you, keep in mind, think so well that Anurag has I kept this deal in front of me. I hate him.

Samidha asks Prerna. Anurag calms her down. She says that tourism is fine. Contract says I love her and he loves me too. He says don’t worry. Ok you won’t face any problem i will stand in front of you, relax, you are free no one leave it it will keep her warm she says i care about you too she says i am completely fine you inspiration Stay with me go give me samidha goes away he remembers the words of inspiration he thinks if you signed me the papers along with some other papers how did rohtash pass the order maybe mistakenly the lyrics come to the poem She says that you are an angel why are you sad. The contract says that the doctor came to see Patna. I am worried that she is unwell Monica says that she is fine now. The Constitution is thanked her. Kamalika thinks you can think You have helped me. You know my group. If Parina passes, then her business is over. She will regret it and cry. Says you can go to her and tell me too Samidha goes away.

Prerna thinks of Anurag she remembers the words FB shows that I know you were in love with Anurag says That he has tried to kill me. He says, Shama. I am trying to convince you that Anurag will not think of you before playing a dirty game. He will try to harm the thing you love that won the trade. Is she says i was weak 8 years ago now you have made me strong she knows anurag well she says that you will face her alone she says that you are with me she thinks it is Anurag has hurt my weakness, including Mr. Bajaj. I have not seen it. Anurag wants to take everything away from me. He made me realize that I could not save Sneha. She sent Kamalika to me. She fell and smiled and thought. Is that she will be a poor girl for the city project, once she will give us 50% shares, I will have to talk to my husband also I am going to teach her after Prerna.

Kamalika stops Anurag and says that you cannot ignore me. You have got a chance and did to Prerna. Did you see yourself that we are not married, you lie? I told the doctor. You have heard that you were giving Reena’s body heat, you were very close to her, you talk big things in front of the society. You ruined the pure relationship of marriage by seeing a girl. She runs coffee. There is a mess in your mind. Really ask my thinking is dirty i went and kiss some other guy right it is a kiss on you guest he says goodbye komolika asks anurag to answer he says yes i was kissing him if he Stuck in such a situation. I have to do it again. He finds it.