Kasauti Zindagi Ki 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The episode begins with Samvida inspiring that she takes Sol and wraps her up nicely. I ask Prerana to get well soon. She says, “Think of me your daughter, get well for my sake. She looks like feeling cold in April” She is doing and rubbing her hands. Smiling Priyanka sees the result and thinks that their relationship is unique. She said that I am happy to see you right. I ask Samidha to come and this is the culmination. Priyanka says yes but she has to study for the test and also has to teach the children. The contract says that I have to go, Prerna says go, I promise, I will go to meet you, Samidha goes away. Kamal Ka knows that this girl is close to my heart.

Anurag gets depressed. He says that I cannot see the sadness and anger of inspiration. I miss his words. He says do not show me the right path I feel like I am getting better, I want to be close to her. She says that she saved me so that I could sign Saudi but I felt that I was getting close to her but I dare not hate me. There was something between us. She says that her hatred was just angry. He wants to know how I cheated him. I want to tell him everything. I want my inspiration. I want to see my love in his eyes. I miss him. He says I want my love my inspiration. She thinks that He will bring me back to the thief.

Kamalika comes to talk to him. He says I don’t want to talk. He goes. He thinks he is ignoring me again. He has started ever since he met Inspiration. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to sit. Why is the room so cold. He runs to call the servants. She says I am fine. He says that I have learned everything. The servant has run over and sends him out. She says that you missed the flight and did not attend the ceremony. She says no, I do not like some things. She is a celebrity. She thinks I think you should take a little rest. She says I’m sorry. She asks why you didn’t scold me. He says I’m very smart. I’ve got that thing. You want me to do what I do Don’t like but i’m making you a better person i’ll go and apologize to john he goes.

Anurag misses inspiration and cries now he says i was ready for this pain but now i do Can not, I can not stand and says that I have made a less big mistake. She smiles and I do not have to watch her to save my life. I want to avenge her. I ask her to come back in my life. Can not please forgive me. Anger is growing every day when I was with her. I used to get peace. I cannot send this pain. I thought that she too did not support me after last 8 years. She got a chance and Without inspiration we are dead once everyone gets to see. I will damage my business. Do this to save the orphanage. Gee, what if she didn’t agree. I would have kept Sneha and used it. Sneha should not have died in the fire. Prerna must have listened to me.

Coshik thinks about Coshik’s words. She says I don’t know that she What to tell, Kaushik called him and said thank you for taking my call Sorry, I called to ask about Prerna. She says that Prerna is fine. She says I had to ask this just. He ends the call. Shivani thinks about Anurag and Prerna. Veena asks what are you thinking Shivani says that Anurag was crazy for inspiration. She says that there is no talk about her in front of Apna that Shivani says once Listen, she begs that she has a husband and everything is there too. Remember, Prerna thinks about Anurag. Anurag comes and goes and comes and asks what happened, are you okay? Why don’t you drive? She says nothing. Is that why I feel like I came in my dream at night that I need to save her.


Anurag says that inspiration The inspiration is the same when Prerna heard Kamal and Nivedita talking, Komolika says that she will never know this.