Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The father is in his room, he gets a call from Sarla who asks how she is, she tries to say something but is not able Preeta asks what has happened and why she is afraid to talk to her own daughter. the world has noted that he is unable to understand his mother because she smiling says of getting to know the fact that he is trying to get some important because when mentioning the creation of the first night He gets worried, Sarla tells that he was not able to meet as per the norms and so they knew what to say. Preet asks that she say anything without worrying that Sarla has an article that she informs Preeta.

She wanted to do what was going to happen in her duties but her new house was not really so she wanted nothing to go wrong with her family and always keep the brothers together. Preeta says that she is about Karan Don’t know, shouldn’t have talked because he didn’t want to accept her as his wife and only agreed to prove that She is the one who is wrong and I blame her for Mahesh Luthra’s situation. She responds and she knows who is against the family. Now she says that Preeta knows how they are trying to ruin mine. His family because of which he took this step and everything will be alright. He even goes so far as to say that Karan is small and he said that he wanted an alimony from them. Sarla says that she can be instigated by both Myra and them because Never wanted to ask me at home she says that she also called the fourth failed doctor which is really embarrassing because she made it easy to mention to everyone that whenever a girl is born.

Parents dream that 1 Day ik prince will come and take her as his wife and keep her after giving her everything and what she can do i know she was happy when she saw that only one face is her best friend And even if I annoyed him, he doesn’t care about anything else. When he first got married he thought he would be in the house but he left her And she took the flower out of her hair but she still refused to remove Kumkum and Mangalsutra but it happened because she was attached to him so she should keep it with the captives and fulfill her wishes. She also tells that Preeta should have a relationship with Karan. Srishti thinks that her mother is trying to tell her sister what should happen on the first night after marriage, not knowing that she should be able to pull her ear Should stop thinking.

 Sherlyn explains to Mera that there is nothing between Karan and Preeta, the only reason she accepted is because she wanted to show everyone that yet only wishes for her money which girls like Preeta He must convince Maya, what reason will make her. While sleeping on the balcony, Maya is relieved to say that she is confident that Karan will do this too and in the morning he will get Preeta out of the house.

Sarla tells that father knows What kind of things does Karan like and it is the best thing that even before marriage husband and wife are friends Therefore, it helps to strengthen the relationship and she is sure that her daughter will ensure that every relationship is the same as it is without any problem. She comes to the room without reason. She asked what she said in front of the police. Responds to his house that he cannot lie to the police. He also says that he said that and he ruined that plan.

He is in his room, opening it thinking that it will be the first night when he takes K and She will not have to listen to him every moment but she remembers it right because she has finally reached him. She sits on her bed wondering why her mother never told her clearly and is always a fairy tale. Decides to call and whenever they talk he says that Preeta is in Karan’s room when the guest is in the room. What worries is that it is very important that the two stay in a room together as their relationship will work He explains that he should go to Karan to say that I think nothing and he is nothing but only one person in the house He has a mind that will make him angry and he will be forced to go to the room with him, refusing to do anything, and if he tries to do anything like this, he will be beaten by Srishti saying that his Brother, she should do some duty but still refuses, saying that if she refuses what she is asking is come home and tell everyone that she must have tried to kiss him. Its really tense.