Lockdown Ki Love Story 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sheetal Bua defends himself by laughing at everyone, saying that people accidentally bite themselves and fall down even if they do it by mistake then we get it. They cannot send him to jail if Sonam tells him to Pratham Is that he wrongly accused Dhruv and asked him to apologize Dhruv says that Pratham was worried as a father and apologizes to Sonam for all the misery Shashikant says more than saying I love you sorry. Said it is more important that everything ends, Ankita says that she will prepare dosa for everyone today for treatment. Friends of the group say that she will not be able to do without two, sowing Nutan’s assistant and his plan failed. And now instead of being separated, they met again. Now see what she will do. Everyone sits in a meeting.

Batasa starts her play all she wants and says that everything is good so far in the future Sonam And Dhoop will live in Mumbai and will not serve old parents. The protest post is why she is raising the same issue. She says that wherever she goes It tries to resolve the issue. It is clear that they will not stay in Prayagraj. The group says that they will answer this question. If such a situation arises, then they will stay in Prayagraj and serve their parents so that their Career will not be affected. He has promised Sonam that she will not force him to give up his career as his childhood dream and she will not break him. Childhood dreams she says why she should sacrifice and Sonam She does not have to forgive everyone.

Sonam goes to them and says that they will serve Manjhi and together and the problem will be solved or if Devi supports Dhruv, she considers them as her daughter. Having sacrificed his life and serving the whole family, everyone wants to know if he can do this. First, I say that I agree with Aunt and will not send my daughter to send her career and donate her loved ones. Asked everyone to stop because he is alive to serve his parents. Sanskar is a lion and Su says that he wants to know Sun’s decision. Dhruv is supporting his partner even he has to support his partner. They have given a different indication that he will have to murder whether he has a daughter or not.

Dhruv says that some people have problems with Sonam, so Sonam will return to Mumbai. She will not marry anyone other than Sonam. I will serve my parents all my life alone and will never marry. It is decided that Nutan angrily walks into the room in her house. She follows him and asks how his plan was. Sonam can be highly educated but she cannot win over him. She will return to Mumbai. Nutan has thought that How to break the tie-up as soon as possible, he says that she is waiting for him. She tells how she crossed Sonam and told her about her arrest and other events, praising her and the door opens.