Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sonia enters Nutan’s waist, Nutan and Bua see her and leave, asking why she went to sleep here that she had come to take her mobile and went with her mobile, they both rest and thank God Let’s say that Sonia has not heard anything. Subhadra goes to Sonam and tells her that Chitra Bane crosses her and dropped her. Sonam angrily asks Bua what she asks why did he cross her and dropped her aunt. Panic asks who she told she didn’t. Sonam says that her mother listened to their conversation. Other family members gather.

She repeatedly refuses Sonam to cross her and says that she falls Love casually falls over and falls from the aunt as she falls from the aunt’s tree, asking what she did. The gold falls to her as well. She realizes that it was her imagination. She thinks that she is about to scam the aunt. She tells that she will change because she is selling, she says that only she came to check and went to change Dhruv Sonam’s dressing. To apologize to the father-father for his misbehavior and then change of clothes if you have a pole bend Sonam says that she is looking like this star XY with 3 rows on her forehead when she is stressed. Dhruv smiles as she finally convinces him and takes him to the living room.

He kills Sasikanth’s friend with slippers Dhruv says that he loves her very much and apologizes for his mistake, Shashikant silent. Sasikanth is standing up apologizing. Shashikant gets video of his mobile babua and Nutan. He fixes the airphone and listens to their conversation. He says as long as he is alive in this house only his decision is valid so he Says that this issue should not be stopped, Dhruv and Sonu are happy after hearing this Shashikant says that he spoke a lot but I am sorry for him. Sonia had informed Subhadra that she had given green chili to Ankita for her mistake. Forced to keep it, Subhadra gets worried and says that she does not want Sonu to face the same situation even Sonam enters and asks what she saw Subhadra tells that she heard Bua informing Nutan that she had crossed Sonam and dropped her.

Sonam goes to Bua and hugs her Kar asks why she has caused her downfall. She gets nervous and asks who told her that she says her mother listened to their conversation and asked the reason for it. She is nervous that she was going to run with him so she stops him. She was going but slipped and crossed it, because of this Sonam’s alliance is not broken that she should change her mind as a punishment. She says that works but went and said that now friends are aunt somehow dressing She changes hands in the sky, saying that she is a friend and if she tries again she will drop it.