Lockdown Ki Love Story 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sonia tells Shashikant that she did not record the conversation of Amma Nutan and Bua area but when she saw Dhruv Bhaiya and Sonam Bhabhi fighting and the situation was getting out of control, they had to do this exposing Amma and Bua Didn’t want to do but Sonam Bhabhi is so good so matches up with our family too. Shashikant says she did it right even she did not want to insult Nutan and Sheetal but Kshetra is used to other issues Interfere this time he has helped Nutan. He will do something. Subhadra praises Sonam for reacting differently from her old-fashioned character and turns the fight into friendship but she is not right.

Sonam says that she intends She did not have to be seriously hurt. She handles this kind of situation with her friends. Subhadra says that she has to face such a situation daily. Sonam says that she will handle it and says that she is her in-laws Wants to strengthen that if he had a daughter, he did not know that he jokingly said Now 5 point 5 is fit but her mother never paid any attention to her Subhadra swan sits for family breakfast Sonam accompanies them, she pulls a chair for him and erases him then everyone has a plate for him. Surprised, she panics and says that Sonu is hurt so Batasa is helping her, 2 years comes and everyone is served. Shashikant Nutan starts eating hands with Chairman Bua and Dhruv.

Tanu asks if the counter Where is it she cannot eat without it, what is the name of Dhruv’s friend Dosa should eat by hand, Pratham said that till she needs a fork, Shashikant asked Nikita to get a contact for him, Ankita said that during marriage 4 hours are found but two are missing. Tirtha says that they broke using this page. She is using another soil for the plants. Sonam tries to eat the dosa stops her and tells her Hurt so i will feed him she feeds him smiling dosa Sonam also likes dosa Nutan gets angry seeing this Goes and goes to her room.