Shaadi Mubarak 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Preeti staring Kusum, she plays the song, she sees a shower of flowers with her wings, she moistens the flowers. Preeti looks at her. Kusum gets angry at her daughter, she says Katie Nobody can force me to do anything. I want to do something. You think I can do nothing but acting. Let me try. You are there to manage me. Mother agreed she asked who the girl was. Hai how dare he refuse to work with you that he says maybe he has his own reason. She asks who is he. I’ll look at him. Kitty jokes and hugs him. Uncle gets upset.

Aunt sees Preeti. Listened to Kusum’s daughters, she comes to help. She said that she is upset because of me. She is getting angry at you. Think something Priyanka says that if your vaccines become business partners then we will agree that we always do the same. Is what they want Kusum looks like Priyanka cries and says that Kusum does not care about anyone, she wants everyone to read her tune Preeti says she has not yet understood Kusum, you feel in control of her, she cares for you, you are a part of her, she will protect you in any way, she feels her experience gives her a right. No, you flow for me too, otherwise why doesn’t she serve my job? She doesn’t want to bother me.

She wants me to get a good news. She gave birth to you. She cares for you. She gives a fan to the shelter, she has played the song and apologizes. Preeti asks her to sit. She says I got good news. I did not tell Juhi there is a function at Aggarwal’s house. I have got work. I will start with a small job and then go ahead that I will gain experience and confidence. Big business is big. If Katie has invested money then she gets stressed so I refused. Kusum says you did it right Asks for water.