Shaadi Mubarak 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Katie arguing with the customer. Preeti says we will work. Agarwal says we have to convince them to stay within limits. The customer is like God. He goes. Katie says I am not getting it right. Airtel Preeti Prem sneaks in and smiles seeing her. Katie says her correct connection is because the light is shining. I did not work because I had no connection with anyone. I met you and then I came to know that if I Like I can get a wonderful marriage, so I can do well. You are thinking why I do not want to work with you.

She thinks and goes away. She says that Kusum told her everything. Kusum says Priyanka you But it is not good, it is not good. Whoever said that maybe he got angry. He is worried. Kusum asks me what is the matter. He gets a call. Juhi goes to Priyanka and says that if you give me Kusum If you say anything in front of me, then I have to tell everything to Kusum, please keep your anger on Priyanka a face Makes Katie ask yes or no. Preeti does not answer. She says that I also have Pratibha Agarwal ask Preity to check the water connection in the kitchen. She says that it will be done. Is not your job. He is taking advantage.

She is managing the work. She sees someone doing her work. She has breakfast for her. Likes someone there. The best way to say that is to say I love you I ask her to give me a sauce of amchur with pea samosas. What was it that you know me well then you know how you would work with a stranger. It proved that I am not a stranger. Hai can find out people will say my film at 2:15 Aggarwal comes Preeti says I will come on time tomorrow she says there is no need to get used and leave she asks why I have done all the work That customers should be happy but i’m not.