Shaadi Mubarak 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Katie Aggarwal’s stalking. She defends Parithi. She says she can easily manage the tasks of marriage. She is very talented. Preeti sees her and North remembers her words that she Asks to apologize Aggarwal folds his hands and apologizes to Preeti. He says that I understood that women can overtake us if they do inspector. He goes to Kusum smiles and sees Preeti that daughter Gives them money and leaves.

Kusum praises Preeti. She says that I am the hero of the entire film about Agarwal, she will say something in his favor. Preeti goes to her room and cries remembering her. Juhi cries. Hai and says Mummy used to run a mixer to hide Kishore who looked calm when father insulted her but she is upset. Tarun behaves like father. He never respected her. Some people have respected him for the first time. Katie has a great thing that she should be happy maybe she has a guest habit you feel happy we feel bad Is she says that your mother has endured a lot who only says how not to tell her about it or else the mother will be ashamed Kusum says do you think I will tell her everything you understand your mother well You should try to understand me too.

That is what I did not mean, Kusum says. I know what you mean. Go and sleep. Kajal gossip and laughter in the morning. Kusum comes to see the daughters Kajal to think and speak. Kusum says yes, I don’t want any scene in my house. She asks for Preeti. Kajal says she went to the temple. Kusum goes to ask her. Preeti meets the gate of the temple. She says that I should come here Like prasad is famous.