Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vasu crying over seeing Gopal. She blushes and says that I wanted to call the efforts. Gopal says that no matter how much this effort is managed, no one knows that this effort is not a sarsangi mummy. Let her be happy. When she knows that I am arrested in a tree case, Khurana will not let her live peacefully. Niketan says that I came to know that Karan is not with your son. You ruined my life. Now I have your secret. See. How do you waste your life.

Its morning effort drives the temper and wakes up worrying Saffron vein cheers him Rudra comes to help him Sharan said that I try to fix my tie and take help Rudra says okay let anyone make fun of me Priyasha says I will not do emotional blackmail. He thinks I am crazy to find opportunities to get close to him. I did not see him. She argues with him. I ask. Is why you are avoiding me why are you not looking at me are you angry he thinks I can’t be angry if i see you i can’t get away. He says no i’m not angry i ask what’s the matter he says i’m late for class he runs That he does some strange work.

Vasu gets the money and asks the inspector to bail Gopal. He says that there can be no bail now. She asks why he says the girls who were hospitalized One of them mummy slipped, bail was canceled, pray that the girl escapes or your husband cannot escape. She gets a call from Endeavor. She says that I cannot answer the call. Yuvraj calls her. She says that her phone Sharan is closed. Efforts are made to prepare breakfast. Efforts ask for laptops. Sharma asks Gopal to confess the crime.

Niketna was furious. He goes to inspector’s cabin. He calls and runs away after hearing his voice. That I do not have much time, just listen to me, I am in jail, I have to inform you and come and meet Sharma. Clears the truth, says the truth was a surprise, I get full marks. She says I am proud of you. She says that Rudra must have been surprised and the answer comes. Ask for his mark, Rudra says, I will just tell you Tell me also.

Rudra laughed and said no. She argues that he runs to tickle. He runs away and forgives I will tell my mark. He laughs. Rudra falls down from the bed. He says that his injury is too much effort and Sir takes care of her, has asked her to come. Recently, asks that it will affect the effort. Yuvraj says why not she will do this for her father. She loves her parents.