Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the arrival of Rudra’s efforts and Sharan’s Shraddh. He embraces his efforts and Udarsar goes to meet you. He should have booked a ticket to Chennai. She says that you have gone now. Rudra meets alcohol and talks to him Vasu says what will Rudra do to Sir you ask for money, she tells Pipariya how will she manage it just says that it happened due to Girish she tells everything but ask all this Why did you not tell me Vasu says that Gopal told me that you do not tell Rudra and alcohol says that I will fight in this case just say but you said that you will recover more money Vader says you will Don’t know that Gopal is a retired judge says I can do this for Rudra.

Sone hugged Rudra and thanked him. He goes with Shroff to discuss the matter. Thanks says Rudra says you are Shroff Can say thank you but you have been at the office and asked to make the buses happy Dr says that the duty of the children is to help the elders. Sir Nazar hugs her. Priyasha says that Rudraksha Venus has become a husband Rudra thinks that I want to see you happy. All is well and no one comes between us Has she not come? She visits Medical College of Endeavors. She says at the end, I will know and uncover the history of the effort. Her chapter will finally come to an end. She says that my children are with me.

Inspector asks what is going on Priyasha says I am Gopal’s daughters Rudra says I am Rudraksh why did you arrest my father says that one of the girl we came with is in a coma. He got sick, he asked if he was in a coma, now in your state, the girl’s name is Bhoomi, where is she out now, you will not know that she says that you will not eat us your work and asks you there. He does not talk to women in a loud voice. He says Inspector tell me if you have a report to say Mare has an old report. We will meet tomorrow. I call the doctor myself. The doctor says that I have come to know all the students are fine. You ask about the land.

The doctor says that he is out of coma but says that We are in the police station. The inspector does not know anything about him. The inspector doctor asks him what is the effort to talk to the parents of the land. The land he is okay says the land. I am fine. I tell Priya that they have just Also, father is kept here. Can you tell us Bhumi says that we are going out in class. Girish ate sweets and fed us when he got asked by the passer why Vasu and Gopal did not make a mistake. Girish Everything is done, try and say thank you for the support, ask the inspector to leave Gopal. Inspector says it is not easy. What we have got probably works for Girish Gopal and asked what you mean. That you have done fingerprint toxic waste.

You have no proof like me. I do not get it and polyamory She thanks him for taking the time. She says I am a journalist writing a famous article that has earned me an effort that I can tell about her character. The woman says yes or no. Have you asked English? Understand that the woman says yes, aya says no, okay let her do business. Here was an ex-student, what kind of girl she was. The woman replies and praises the efforts. Aya says I am not very informed. Can you tell me about her and hope? The lady tells Mr. Vidya in the room. She thinks that Sir has found her real mother.