Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode now begins with Aya Naa who tries to get past the old record of effort. The nurse says that there will be records in the record room. It may take up to 2 days. It is not easy to find Aya Naa tells me there. Let go and find out its small work. Show me some way, if you have any charge, I will let the nurse say. The wardboy looks at the neighbor. Gopal and Vasu are taunted by Rudra and try and see Gopal there. Says let go Rudra gets angry and scolds the neighbors. He says that he favors giving me his daughter. Gopal is wrong to allege that someone implicated him shows Shaktiman. He says the test report is negative by the court.

Also freed them but now they have known for years how easily you made fun of them, if they were in your place, they would not have done so, do not tell them anything or else I will not tolerate it, I say that I am trying to shape How come Wardboy comes today and says that you go to the record room I want to help you, yes or no, ask if you will give me permission. He says in another way. She says in an informal way. He asks for 20000, he feels that this price is low. He said ok. Willing to pay. He says I will take you there. She asks for her number. She smiles and thinks that I know the secret of the efforts tomorrow that the neighbors apologize to Gopal and Vasu. He praises Rudra. Gopal hugs Rudra.

Balraj gets a call from Balraj, the moment he ruled that you are never here when I need you, now come home soon Rudra says I will come and ask Vasu to go try meditation. She tells Rudra and Priya not to keep and hide anything, and comes home and says that you called me immediately. What’s the matter, Balraj hugs her. She says that I am proud of you. Music icon of award found Rudra asks truth Balraj says yes congratulations Rudra says that Rajiv’s wish is fulfilled I was told that I got this award Balraj says that you have won the award at a young age, I will celebrate it. We will have a grand party, I will tell everyone that you are my son, you are a big star. He gets a call and says He yes my son won an award thank you.