Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode is over and along with Uther inviting Gopal and Vasu to the party that Gopal says thank you but we cannot come to this stage and say that this dream matters to me if you come to me for a decade. Is getting an award for Sangeet Icon. Gopal and Vasu congratulate him and Bashar asks him to come. Basu says we will come. He thanks him and thinks of Miss and there you try to remove the grip.

Priyasha comes and helps her. She said that you have a post ego. You should call me. He says tell me don’t spoil my mood. I need your help. Can you help me get my jeans out? I ask. Are you mad he asks why can’t you do this i run i can’t do this and run he starts laughing she asks what happened he says i don’t wear jeans i just pull your love I push him on the bed and warn him he pulls them. They have a moment to tell their feelings Thinks sir goes to endeavor adoor sits sir says this grandma was asking what you will wear to the party effort says that i have decided not to let rudra go to sleep rudrakshi night says Thanks he teases her and smiles he goes.

Rudra says I will arrange designer clothes for both of you. The food asks that this is the record room. Help me Ward Boy says I brought you here. Anything. Do you want you have half an hour. If you get caught you will get burnt. She starts investigating. She gets the file and jumps happily. She says Name Summary Name Effort How can you do it together She does not have a real mother. What is this certificate. All the hard work goes in vain. She wears a file, but comes home and meets Balraj. He says that Rudra called me for a party.