Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Priyasha and says that the baby is premature. She is in the incubator. Priyasha asks her to keep the chapter. Nirja says her mistake. Rahul says that it is not your fault, she is mistaken by Priya. It was a pill of abortion, Neeraja says Priyasha cannot make such a mistake. Effort apologizes. Tender finds her and cries. She tells him to settle the efforts. The effort comes and prays for Neerja’s child Hai Yuvraj comes and asks why are you crying tell me Priya Sa says that my patient is serious because of my mistake. She says why are you crying tell me Priya Sa says that because of my mistake my patient Gambhir. You are the best doctor.

She says no. That child is premature. Rudra comes to the hospital. He says that I had come to a city and reached his hospital before I see you. I will leave him with the same prince. Yuvraj is shocked to see the efforts and hugs him and consoles he says I am with you You did not do anything wrong. You ask Yuvraj to leave her. She slaps him. She asks how dare you touch me in such a way that Yuvraj says you slapped me, I deserve to slap me. And slap. I just hugged you. You were crying. I was comforting you. I can not see you worried. Priya says she does not see you again. You have no right to call me and say anything. I got married to Rudra. Hai Rudra sees.

Yuvraj says that I know that you are Rudra’s wife. You were going to marry me that cheat got married to you. Priyasha says that and there it was true to marry me with vermilion and The mantra is true for me. This marriage is completely pure for me. Yuvraj plays the clap and says that you told me all the truth. You are the biggest fool. You were defending Rudra. What does she do that you are willing to leave me for her? She says that you can never do this He named a father for Sir Sangha. He says that I was ready to give my name too. She says that she also performs the duties of a father. She is not adored. I am also a woman who is his wife. She will feel proud. I feel like you can call marriage bad. The greatest good for service is Rudra is the best Sir Vein and don’t try to get close to me for you. You know what I can do from here. Rudra He comes and stops her.

He grabs the effort and says that my wife has told you what she wants. If you bother her again, I will kill you. Yuvraj goes. Priya Sa and a boy of Rudra. Hai imagines she hugs and says I love you. She says that the child is always conscious and smiles and goes to Rudra.

Neerja asks why have you tried to make her nurse’s mistake come to me. Narsala Prabhati Rahul, given the right medicines, says that I should not take action against her. Priyasha comes and says that your daughter is Ok she is responding to our treatment i will take good care of her i will stay here at night i will not go till you and the baby are healed neerja thanked she asks rahul to do nothing The one who regrets her later is right. She is right. She says I love you. She goes to Rahul from outside and looks at Yuvraj. He says that Nirja and our daughter are fine Yuvraj says congratulations daughter means Laxmi. But what happened Rahul says that Nirja was given the wrong medicines. I was angry and he thought of canceling Priyasha’s license, you told me not to do this news. Yuvraj asks to use it on the same occasion. And there is the wife of the same. If she has made a mistake, will you slap her Rudra.

There is a great chance of removing Rudra. Rahul says if I take action against the attempt, it will bring harm to Rudra. Yuvraj says I will tell you. He thinks that the effort slapped me. Rudra threatened me. Look, I and you What Rudra does with his wife, Rudra practices for the match, Sharada asks Rudra to wean. He refuses to lay eggs. He thinks he is not ready for the match. How will I tell Sir Vein.

Precap :

Rahul says I get Rudra’s secret that ruins his career Priya sees Yuvraj with Rahul Gopal slaps Yuvraj.