Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Rudra throwing milk in plant pots, mother does not want to drink milk. I am feeling stressed. I cannot refuse Sarnas and the leader will break her heart. I want her to feel proud, says Sharda That he is proud of you. He says that if I lose, Sharan asks if you have finished the milk and says there is no shame. The nurse asks her to start and says that the wife is absolutely Ok Priya sa says thank god baby does not need incubator nurse says thank you go home taking care of baby and relax Priyasha says we will take baby to Nirja Rahul News Neerja says that I cannot eat until I see my children. Priyasha is having a baby. She has given them to the child and asks them to spend time with the child. Neerja thanked the effort. Is that after so much I should thank you for trusting me Rahul says try Is a good doctor and a good person. I have not canceled its license. I stop trying to ask for any medicine for the child and thank him.

She says that I was really stressed. She says that I Very sorry your angel is with you. Spend time with the family. He says I’m not canceling your license. I have no complaints about the nurse. She says thank you. She says that when you work on my behalf, The case will be over. She asks if I can. He says get the secret of Rudra for me, take a simple look and I want to ruin his life and career but ask what the hell is I did on me. It was the responsibility. Now everything is okay Neeraj and the child is safe. He asks what will happen about our suffering, how will justice be done. She says that Rudra is not involved in this matter.

He says no, I am removing him from the middle. I’m trying my best to throw her out she says i haven’t done anything wrong with anyone Is it seriously that he cheated on you and you are still supporting him. You were marrying Yuvraj. Why does she ask how you know he says that I am aware of enemies. His secret reaches me. That the world hates her, denigrates her that ends her result. She says that you can see this dream forever. I did not let this happen. What will you do? I ruin my career. Did not discredit Rudra. Nobody can do anything unless I am with him. I wish.

Balraj comes home and looks at the boxing ring. He asks what the circus is going on. Boxing match is happening, Anna smiles, Balraj says Rudra Rudra, I am doing this for my son, Balraj says that it is his innocence. You did not understand it. He did nothing for his sons. Balraj says I made you a rockstar, Ahana says that we think don’t get angry, calm down, Balraj says he has gone mad I will get her out of the house. Anna says that she has hypnotized me. I will do something. Give me some time Balraj asks what you will do magic. She says that I will do the effort and Sun will get out of her life. I will give you what you ask for, hurry up. I can’t stand it. She is happy and thinks to find the father of struggle.

Priya sees Rahul with Yuvraj. He gets angry at Yuvraj. She says that you I told you about our marriage. I did not expect this from you. Yuvraj asked if you are doing it. Rahul told him why I am with you. Rahul says that I have hired Yuvraj. Works as I am aware of my enemies Yuvraj did not tell me anything Yuvraj says that I worry about you, you are saying that I have cheated you, I can never cheat you, Rahul says but efforts Has to cheat Rudra. I have to get information that ruins him. She says that I will not do anything wrong with Rudra and will not let anyone do wrong. She goes. Gopal sees them. She slaps Yuvraj, scolds him and goes to take action against Yuvraj complaining to Rahul about the attempt. Rahul goes to Yuvraj says I will slap Gopal.

Priyasha comes home and asks what is happening, Sir Na tells everything. Asks Priya if Rudrapur comes for Singh’s match Sir Vein smiles with effort She asks if you know what you are doing and says yes I will kill Ayan’s father. She tells you that her father has a thigh body. He broke 26 bones of a man and On the other hand, you ask that you are telling me too. You could have told me after the match. She tells him to think the truth, tell him that don’t try to scare him. Gopal and Vasu come on this saying that Sir. Said that I invited him for Rudra’s main betting match. He says that you have given up music. She tells Priya that Rudra would mind her Could not do Sharada Ahana and Mishra come. Mishra says that Rudra has become his servant. We need to bring him to consciousness. Gopalsar tries not to tell anything from there. Gopal says okay tell me if Anything they do.

Precap :

Priyasha is warned by seniors Anna tries to intimidate Priya in a boxing match, Rudra wins.