Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Suns. Ayan’s father is scared. Ayan says that my father is not afraid of anyone. He comes with his father. Everyone misses seeing the boxer. Simple and Ayan introduces his dad and challenges Rudra. Priya Sa gets down from the ring and tells her to think again Sir says how can you say this and says that I will fight about this, in honor of Sharan Priya is a doctor and I am fine But she says that I am a cow. He wishes her well. Rudra is with Indra. He goes to battle. Rudra is punched in the face. He falls and gets dizzy. He wakes up Indraveer. Smiles him red and blue. Asha gets a call from her senior. He says that you have proved me wrong. You have hidden a big incident. I came to know from Rahul.

He told me everything. You have lost his wife and child’s life. You had put the drug in danger, I will not let it happen; I will not let this happen. Do not make a mistake about the case. You will be suspended for weeks. If you are at fault then your license will be canceled. She says that and her child is fine. I have apologized to Rahul. He asks her to talk with him. She says what should I do? I will not tell Rudra that there will be a big drama. Balraj will get upset Rudra gets beaten up and asks her to stop now, tells her to leave. She says my father is the strongest and says no I will fight this match. Indraveer fights .

Indraveer curses him. Priyasha is worried. Rudra missed the summary. It is like Rudra falls down and someone worries for him. Efforts are more and others ask him to get up. Trying to get up, hey free matters yes yes says no. Over the game Nisha says that maybe even Rudra and Sir asked Rudra to use his sutra and gets up there. He fell at Indraveer’s feet. Indraveer Hans Rudra tied the lace of his shoes, he wakes up, Indraveer comes forward and falls down, Rudra dominates him and Su kills him, Indraveer defends him and there, Ayan asks his father to defeat Rudra. Indraveer falls down. Referee matters. Rudra tells him to wake up and Referee tells Rudra not to get up. The winner is declared and all over there and smiles Rudra gets the trophy, gives the trophy and hugs him.

Saran asked who is the strongest tell me my Rudra is the strongest Effort smiles Gopal says Vasu he is very happy I am happy That effort does not come from Rudra’s marriage to the Crown Prince. I misunderstood him. Vasu says that Rudra married Priya and harassed him. I scolded him. Gopal says he looks like a blessing to any real father Sharan. He also takes care of the efforts. It is said that Rudra is beaten for the very best of Sarvesh, Ahana thinks of her time to find out the truth of Priyasha and Rudra is in pain from trying to sit calm. She says she helps. They have a moment. I ask for the same ointment He asks her to apply. He is a doctor.

Precap :

Rudra Priya Sa and thinks to surprise Sharan. He asks if you don’t refuse the phone. She says no we are Tamil plaintiffs. Ahana says that I have found her secret, it will be fun.