Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The beginning of the episode, Priya Sa wakes up Sarvesh to surprise him that he gets his note Girish comes back and he says that I have got something to send.You said that you can’t buy stuff because of me. I did not take money from there. I got the remaining money. Gopal and Vasu see Gopal asks him to make coffee. Girish goes. Gopal says look at Vasu. You were wrong. He is honest. She says that he informed us. Didn’t Yuvraj come and congratulate him Gopal backtracked. He scolds Yuvraj.

Yuvraj asks how much self-respect should I show towards my parents. You don’t want to listen to anyone Priyasha gets ready. Now everyone is ready and surprised Rudra surprised everyone with his traditional look. Yuvraj says that I joined Rahul’s company. I did not know that he is an enemy of Rudra. I needed money, I wanted a job, I gave my savings to you. Diya I quit the job. He did not agree and he said that I will file this case. I will repay you Gopal says that you will regret a lot. Yuvraj says that I am not angry, I will do as you say he does sweet work, he leaves, Vasu says get ready, we have to come try looking at Yuvraj Girish. Gives and smiles.

Rudra says it’s a surprise for you. You are South Indian. We are going to make them. Vasu and Gopal come and welcome them and they say happy and come and they also acted sweetly. And there I say I have invited him Ahana says that I know why he comes often. Vasu says that we come to meet the administration and there Ahana says thank God for this Rudra says happy om Namah Priyasha asks why are we Tamil Wali Malayali on celebrating, they go and take a bath and laugh at it Rudra says that we are South Indians.

Priyasha says that we are not all South Indians alike Rudra says I have Gopal Said he did not say anything Gopal asks how can I spoil your surprise celebration Love is seen, I have seen your love and we have come. Priyasha says that I should say sorry, we will make the family together, it will be a celebration. Sharan says yes this is our first on Rudra holding his dhoti and walked to his room. Priyasha and Hans goose laughs and Rudra says it is easy but hard to wear. How people dance this lungi but asks if I will help she goes away.

She asks if you need help. Or I will go. He asks how did you know about it. She says that everyone knows whether I will die now. She says she is a celebrity and says that if you can’t do this then don’t wear a big He is a rockstar and running away from the girl. He says that I have no problem. She says stay away I become her. He looks at her. Swara Sangam comes to call her. He asks why you did not wear gajra. Rudra says Is that he is allergic to flowers. He says that you gave the lion that day. She asks if you remember he says yes I got sweet flowers and You drive me. He thinks why I remember her little things. She thinks how she misses it. Why I like it. It takes me to the shelter. Rudra says I don’t know the ritual. Hope says me Don’t know Sir, don’t listen. He says that the grandmother and the ritual discovered on the net about him Vasu is happy and embraces him and Rudra Priya wishes Sakhi happiness.

Precap :

Ahana sees Priyasha lying and She says that I have got her good secret. Yuvraj asks Girish to buy sweets. Ahana pushes Mishka and accepts the invitation from Rudra. The doctor says that Priyasha is not in the hospital. She is temporarily suspended. She has a Rudra chowk given the wrong medicine to the patient.