Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Rudra and says that my friend Nagesh will click your nice pictures. He is a good photograph. Sir asks Nerves to take a family picture and there efforts and Sharan take a picture with the whole family. Gopal says You are the best father in the world. You are doing a lot for it. Sir Sharma is the biggest force for the show and I do not like you and want you to get away from it all. Vasu prays that all of you Rudra hugs her with whom .

Priyasha is in the cap shop. She comes there and says this is a cap shop. Why did my friend call me here, she sees the efforts and says what she is doing here I know. She will call efforts. Priyasha says that I am in the vote, I will talk later. She says that I cannot lie to Rudra any further. She says thank you for giving me this news. You lied now. Aaya Makhana called Mishra and said that you cannot believe what I have seen. I have seen him in the cafe since I called him and he lied to me. Do a job. Come to the hospital, ask Miss why I am fine. Nahina says that she can come to Priya Hospital. We will find out the truth Miska agrees Sir Nath’s sentence.

does he say that I’ll be humiliated in front of forgotten homework says Rudra you grade it is that he caught the ear stands with say now my fault surprise they are not alone, sir vein says Everybody will laugh at you. He says don’t let them laugh. I don’t care. The children laugh and say Six, stop it all. Ask the kids over there if he is doing Rudra says Saran has not completed his sentence. It’s my fault that I kept them at Jason’s house, saying that or okay the punishment is over. What you did is now an example for every parent. I really appreciate what you did now. Join the class hugs Rudra and says I love you, says I love you, he goes. Rudra gets a call. Says how send it is a big surprise for you.

Rahul says that no answer has been given yet Yuvraj says he is not there Rahul says that he is with Rudra for the sake of broadcasting Why is she not leaving Rudra Yuvraj says that he is of old times. He can give his life to anyone. Rahul says that you mean that there is no difference between Rudra and you. Yuvraj says don’t compare us. Rahul says he is my Yuvraj says not working, I will see him.

Girish washed the car. Yuvraj calls him. Girish asks him to do his work. Girish says that you said you will tell me work. Yuvraj says go to the market. And buy sweets. It makes plans. He says that I will see if he does not listen and miss calls come and ask for effort. The nurse says that today is on vacation we cannot say anything. You can call him and ask. She says that if anyone knows then we have come here then what will happen sometimes use your mind comes to her and says that I have to try Priyasha A. Looks bad. How is she? Is she alright? She is suspended and go and say no.

Please say okay but did not tell us about her. The nurse says she is sorry I do not know not to say sorry. We should say thank you, we will take care of the money. She is such a talented doctor who suspended her that I gave medicine to a patient. She blamed herself for saving me. She is really good there. Yes she is good. Says that we have received a big news, we will inform Rudra.