Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

He starts the episode with Ayanna saying that we will not call Rudra, we will call him here and give him a shock. Mishra asks seriously how will you come here, he pushes her and says that this will be his invitation. She calls and says that Nisha is hurt. We are in the hospital. Come soon. She says that Miss Rudra is going to take care of you. She tells Rudraksh to do her homework. He leaves Vasu to teach the children. Girish asks him to go home wearing a mask. Girish gets sweets for the children. He says I got sweets for him. Today is his first class. Children eat sweets. He says ask me before anything comes. Gopal says That I do not eat sweets. Drink me coffee.

Rudra comes to the hospital. He asks, how is the doctor saying that your report is normal. Maybe some mishka says that its suffering is too much. It says that we are a small thing. We will take Priyasha home to disturb you Rudra says that she Busy he messaged her. Aya says she is a famous doctor here. The doctor says that the effort is not here. She has been suspended. She has given some wrong medicine to Rocky, so she is temporarily suspended. She can tell what she had said in an attempt. She tells that she is going to the hospital. She lied to us because she was not with the son and Rudra thinks the police comes to Gopal’s house and gives search warrant to the inspector.

It is said that girls who come here to learn music are admitted to the hospital, they are given drugs, they can lose their lives. They said that even after eating sweets, they will be healthy and Gopal asks how it happened. Lets them go in. They say they are searching for drums. Tear worries up and the police find a truck and sweets. Gopal and Basu say we don’t know anything. Inspector arrested Gopal goes to Vasu Chowk. Aya Na says that it is just a minor Sharma saying that it is causing a lot of damage or Na says I was scared and called up We went shopping and could not buy anything due to this accident. 

Sarvesh asks where is mommy Rudra says she was busy with surgery. That we get one for them and ask if Surprise Rudra says that you have the surgery right Effort says yes I asked him to message you, Aya feels that Rudra will slap him and throw him out Miss Call asks her to tell her there Rudra says shut up it goes Sharada asks why he went in anger and says there I will tell later otherwise everyone asks if I have to take the mummy to show me surprise He should take the effort. Aya does not ask how did you talk to Mishra. What is wrong lies and deceives us. You are looking at me. Rudra says that maybe there is a reason behind this. She says that you should ask her Should have asked, Rudra says that it will not feel good in front of Saran. He says that I will rest. She says that I am seeing that you How are you handling it? Fabulous, he says that no one should say this until Priya Sa tells them.

She does not think she wants to be the best husband. I will not shut up. Tears say this is wrong. Gopal is not a judge. Someone else did it. The scolder scolded him. He asks who else lives here comes to Vasu. Yes a poor young man lives there. My husband finds him. He is a poor boy. Gopal says He says he has got sweets. Call him. He says that wait will be around. He is not here. He cheated us. Inspector says give us his full name and Aadhaar card. He says that Gopal has not taken anything.