Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the neighbors taunting Gopal. Vasu says I will call Yuvraj, Gopal says no we did nothing wrong, he gets fired. She cries, now she is surprised to see the pics. I ask. That is who did Sir say this Rudra and I did it and there she comes, she says I like big surprise, what do you want in return Sir Vein says I will give you a true one this time he asks Rudra that What does he want? I ask him to say if he has anything to say. She says I wanted to tell you. Balraj runs the effort. He goes to Balraj. Balraj throws papers at him and says that he is suspended in law. The notice has come to ask her what she did. She then says that someone from Balraj who came to this house asks them to answer. Anna says she will try to explain why she got suspended, I will help her.

Rudra and this I know the case, but I see that Naa has said that the patient has given the wrong medicine to the patient so that the inquiry is going on. Laugh that you did not tell us, he does not say that he has hidden this from us. He asks what do you mean she says that I was suspended last week. I ask if she says that she told that she is going to the hospital. Iska says if I can lie she can do anything. She says she can leave the house and do anything. She scolds efforts. Sharada says I know effort is a good doctor. I ask.

What happened is Priya thinks how to tell them about Rahul and Balraj says she does not tell us it does not know who made her Rohtak says a lot I defend Priya and argue with Balraj Balraj says you think you are stupid what will he answer. He is silent now. Rudra says he is my family. He has no reason and wants to support his wife while maintaining silence. I like her. I do not want to offend. I will ask him. You do not need to interfere. He says that you all listen to me. See you in my case. Don’t take it. I go to college.

Vasu tries to convince the inspector. He says that we have got evidence against him. Get him and take him. I ask what should be done for the system. At least five lakhs. She goes to call Johri and says I want to sell my jewelry. I need money immediately. I have a problem, I am coming immediately. The inspector quickly asked to find out about Gopal, saying that I do not know anything. Perhaps Girish said Sharma beat him up and told him to confess the crime. Sorry to hide from the efforts. Rudra says you like this humiliation. I can’t stand it. I know it’s not easy. You have shared personal things, why can’t you say it? She cries.

She says that I am sad that you have sent it alone. We have solved it. We have solved the problem of Niketan and also our own problem. Why are you not alone in trusting me? She says that it is not so. He asks if I have gone down before you It was good she says that there was a problem in the hospital. Balraj called me before I could tell you Sharma. He would say promise me you did not hide anything. She thinks I cannot tell you about Rahul. You will go and fight him. I can do anything to get revenge.false promises.

He makes comes to them and asks them to play. Rudra says we have less time. Effort took a few days leave from the hospital. Hai corrected. She says yes I took leave. He hugs her. The people get money and tells Spector to leave the hug Gopal. Inspector says that tomorrow is over. Take the money. Go home. I worry. Hai she says that I want to talk to Gopal once. I am fine. Just for a while I ask Sharma to go to Gopal.runs away after seeing Gopal.


He says leave Gopal inspector. Says that sorry girl’s partner slipped mummy comes home. The woman says that the police arrested your father. Meet you in your house. Tha Yuvraj says that Niketan will break and says that Pranta is not the mother of satsang.