Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman and Roshni crying while finding a toy baby in the sack. Chunmun laughs and says that time is running out. Aman and Roshni cry and run to find the child and look for the child. He hears some sound. And sees bubbles in the pole. Chandan says that there is only 30 seconds left, Aman is called Baazigar and he uses his powers to take Armaan out of the bridge. Chunmun tries to open the school. Now he is gone He falls down only when Ji arrows at his heart. The decree of the fan is freed from the web. Aman and Roshni are smiling.

Chaman says it cannot be we had to win. How can you win? Roshni says that your pride has made you Defeated you were foolish to think of us as weak Aman says you fought for life, we fought to save life, and the love of lights, the income of T’s income always wins over hate Aman says when you both die Armaan is not in any danger and he says that we have won, we ask him to call the college in name. Yun says that you will know the first alphabet of Kala ji’s name because you had defeated Deepak earlier. Her grandmother asks for Sarah and Salma, then ji says that she will be free from holding Jin. Natasha says that you have spider gin But I win but what I am not sending is more dangerous, Rihan and Shayari come and catch Natasha.

Shayari says that we have come to stop you Rehan says we have listened to you if Deepak comes home If they do not reach, they will not have to face any challenge. Natasha says Armaan sleeps. He says that Nath’s life is like this, we have children, I had to face many troubles in my life. I came to know that if we have a family If we support, we can overcome any problem. She says yes I think Armaan saved us from goat gin. He says that even then you have to be careful. My father has given me this locket. I think That protects me, I will not forgive him for his actions, I recognize Armaan it will protect him Roshni says that I will also protect her Aman says that we have defeated 1 Deepak, I do not know what the danger is in the other two.

She says that we can guess whose name you are black. I think I go and make the other lamp disappear Lets Natasha smile and see Shayari again Deepak Natasha says from far away Roshni goes to see the mirror in the light. She says that I can see Ban keeps letting her die here Rehan and Shayari leave a black smoke. Turns out a man is seen. He goes and looks at Mahira and Seema. Mera asks who are you, probably increases the evil of the person and makes him your enemy. Grandma hugs Myra.has a habit of playing a little mischievous. Maybe they increased her evil.

Who Myra pushed Grandma down and saw the light falling and saved her. She asks how you fell Grandma says that maybe I slipped Mahira says I have pushed grandma, you cannot understand the joke. She walks away in anger. Roshni asks her to rest. Summons Joshni and says that we know who is sending the lamp to Natasha, whose hands she has sent, she has sent another lamp, stay there and worry about the light, seeing the light of the lamp on Myra’s hand, Roshni runs to Aman. Seeks comes, perhaps disappears. Roshni asks Aman to look for another lamp. She says trust me, I saw the ban of lamp in the mirror. There was a strange mark in it. The woman also had a mark in her hand. They should have come to us, do not you, we will also beat this lamp, I am with you, I have not allowed anything to happen to you, we go to Armaan, whoever sees the light.


Roshni comes to talk to Aman Aman attacks her, she goes to the square.