Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Fufi’s magic she forgets everyone and gets angry at them Roshni looks worried. She doesn’t even remember them. I ask who ruined my wish plan. Gopi ruined Roshni Asked to come back, Roshni sees the mark on her hand. Roshni says that there is no need to call the doctor. I have to find a solution, just keep an eye on her. She goes to see Shayari City. Rehan asks seriously. I think Is that he gave his mind to why he is whistling.

If he does not know then I ask him to stop. He says stop like this I know luck is beautiful it does not mean you will play the seat. She says Do you think I am whistling when you see that serial, she looks at us, then Ji says that Roshni is right, Myra is behaving strangely to others and she says yes it is doing another lamp Only one of the lamps is on their hands, the opposite is like a triangle, Tabiji examines the book, when the light looks on the mark, then he says I say that this shadow is the mark of which it acts like a mirror, which sees in the mirror, its evil increases.

Roshni says why this happened she will kill the family only then Ji says that she is an enemy to all of us. Will make Roshni say that we have to do something, then ji says yes I take her ring and pray she sees something in the cup, she says that we will be excited and then after consuming this juice, which no one Can see maybe Shayari caught Hamal. She says that I was whistling to get her. Hey, it is useless for us. Shayari says that you should use the partnership of others. If you do not, we are always red. It stays with Natasha. It records everything. We can use it to get information. Rihan asks if you know how to use it. Our flew away Sara and Sai start killing Fuffy and Mahira fights and He prevents fuffs.

Grandma gives birth to her hair when she and she are surprised to see the light which we show all the videos. Whoever meets Natasha Kala says to send her home at 3:00 pm that you have not caught Kala Jain says, do not know my name, no one knows my name, she can find it only on the next mountain Rihan and Shayari are shocked. Hai Roshni says I have only, maybe then ji says that he must have gone to target someone Roshni says that Haran is alone in the room only then has given it to Roshni and says thank God That you are here with this is a big problem then only talk to me, I will stay here, she comes into practice, she is pushed behind the lights and asks her to drink the juice. Hai Kund has fame. I smile, lights up, worries and wakes up. I don’t mind saying that I am enjoying doing this. I want to see you all tied with rope.

I will give children black Natasha arrives and Sauri says Fire mountain secret will be a cigarette. She tries to take Hamal. Rehan uses her powers. I am on her She brings and we take Lal back. He disappears. Shayari asks where will we find the leading promoter. Roshni walks after Aman. I ask not to come after him. He says that you are going on the wrong path. Do not worry, then only I and I will find a way to cure you. Please do not give them as much. He says that you have changed me, I do not like it. It is enough. I have become what I am for real. I do not have the heart of an angel. Get your crying face. I am like I am you. You are fed up with you and your goodness.

He tells her not to go ahead. Everyone is a boy and there comes Myra. What will we catch with the child? It will be fun. The mind says that we will play, I am all happy. Roshni says don’t do it. Roshni gets a child, she is the hand, we get Lakshman. She sees Aman. Is she says please stay the same, he gets the vision again he says you can’t change me now