Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode we challenged Roshni for a fight that maybe everyone who sees Roshni agrees. Grandma says that everyone who will be alive will live, everyone is happy to have breakfast. Perhaps Roshni cries and sees her children. Is that why he comes to life, he asks, “How will you face peace? She is very powerful with you. Roshni says that I know that when she listens to me, she will understand that human life is my fight with whom perhaps it is not with my mind.” Then ji says that you do not even know his power. If he looks in his eyes, then you will be fulfilled. I will have to raise someone for your class. I will try to see how I will kill him.

Take care of this event. On seeing the light, he becomes worried, he says that no one can kill me. I have told the evil in your family or it will never end, the praise of evil like Aman will be very hard. It is not hard, you just have to look into my eyes. Will not feel bad, brother insists they do not look in his eye, he knows he goes Rehan Then he called Ji and asked about the mountain, then he says that I do not know if you do not take it from the parrot, you can know from the parrot about the second lamp, ask if we will come Not that Roshni and I will manage here, take care only then do not ask Roshni if ​​you really want to take Armaan with you.

Roshni says yes, at least maybe she cannot target him, then only ji says that It can be risky Roshni says I know but I trust you she blesses Roshni and gives Armaan Roshni is blindfolded and comes to read only when she says stop using some magic Won’t fight for the same. If you use it then it will be an injustice with Roshni. Let the mind be judged. Let justice be done and everything is fair in love and Roshni says that a man is used to fight fair Need to do is when I take a child blindfolded, then I did not know that you are such a big coward Aman puts his stick down. Say I am not tomorrow I do not need magic to defeat you.

Roshni says that I want you to listen to me You did not hurt me You make Aman alive He retreats to attack Bay light Goes for and falls on the couch. Roshni says please or not after me. She uses her magic and chases him. Rehan and Shayari come to a market and look for a blue parrot. He wants to ask a man about it. He repeats his words. Rehan says. I think he is crazy. One of the campaigns is that you ask that you do not take it. The man repeats his words. We ask that Will you tell us about the next mountain or not? The man says follow me. He turns into not taking.