Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni who asks Aman to protect Armaan. He removed the series and said that you can defeat evil for the sake of your son and family. For us maybe your husband says that you and you What do you do for your child? We run to pick up Armaan. He looks at Armaan smiling. Illumination worries Aman becomes normal. He embraces Armaan. Shah’s life evil China goes hand in hand with everyone. Everyone gets back to normal. They all get together and watch them live together. Roshni says that the love of evil could not stand, Aman says that no one can beat us unless we are between us.

Pyaar na ho promise me tell me another name of Kala Jinnah runs saajan and disappears Aman says thank you for bringing me back Roshni says thanks for maintaining my trust they all hug Blue Parrot It is said that you will get a news here tomorrow. Jain buried his humanity here. You will get all your answers here. Rehan and Shayari Pahad Let’s see Shayari says that perhaps Kala whose name is written on the grave, Aman says that we now know two letters only then Ji says that it has only L and L. What can it be, after the arrival of the third lamp You can know the name Aman has the hand after defeating Deepak.

Grandma says that we cannot believe what Deepak is always telling. If Kala ji comes out of our lives in Namaste, we cannot believe him, Aman says We have no other option, Roshan asked to find out the name of the book Aslam China, when it comes to black living and says that you are working hard but you can never find my name, call Aman illusive Hai Shayari says that this college is the news of these Rehan says that only the college is written here. He says that there is no name here. Rihan asks how we will find out. She says that maybe it was written behind the news He doesn’t see any name.