Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni saying that we will always protect you Aman says that life can look like a child but it will be an engine Jai Chunmun looks like an old child. Your heart is a way to remember you. You have to protect us. They should hear a child crying and they do not see it, then the mother and grandmother talk about the child, the grandmother says that she wants us to attack the child’s birth. Do not hesitate and she says what we will do, we cannot see her, after that we listen in all directions, how will we find her, then she says I have a way Shreyansh Yari didn’t have to worry she does not sit.

She does magic to move huge rocks. Save doesn’t get it. She shoots arrows and helps her leg. Tabiji says we can keep toys and the kids can tell Ji she pinks some pink powder in he He says that we will be able to know him now if he is really a child or is just making a voice then we can You can see it but you will not do much work due to this powder Aman says okay Armaan is with grandma only then ji says that we will try to call him by giving him a voice of toys and he has put some toys which one is looking for The child appears and starts crying a lot.

They all close their ears. Armaan comes there in Palano. Roshni says that he was with Grandma Jin Hanuman, only then Ji to bring Aman and Roshni back. Said there is a danger, Roshni says it is our guess, Aman and Roshni try to do magic to save Armaan only then ji says that your magic will not work here Armaan gets at the point of the knife, life disappears. Roshni takes Armaan and hugs Shayari says we have to go from here Rehan says yes but does not walk she says you are powerful living He says that my magic is not working she says Is that it will work. Why are you doing this? She holds her hand. She does more again. Move out.