Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Salma crying like a baby and Roshni cries and says that Mummy comes to talk to a child. She pushes Salman and weeps and she says that Baby is crying a lot. Salma goes to console Salma, holding her hand, Mama says Roshni gets emotional only then ji says if we know her mother then we can help her baby she gets powder. She says we have come to know It is said that we will find out the mother of the baby who is putting this powder in the book, Roshni is the child that only when she remembers Jin, she puts powder on the book.

Aman says that it is not clear how we will know the mother of the child. And for her I come to light. She sees the soul of a flower and remembers her lost children Aman says who is the mother of this child, Roshni comes there with Armaan. She comes and stands there in pictures. Seeing that everyone goes to the job, we ask for a baby in our baby, Roshan shook his head, he misses, now the mind becomes depressed, Aman says, Ra was a child and we did not know Roshni says that we never thought that Kala ji would send our children to the third lamp.

We say that she has done it intentionally that she has not hurt our children Roshni says What shall we do? We do not know the name and can find the children. We say that we cannot hurt the child. He says that we have to find a way out. Rehan and Shayari should find out or the mind says I hope Shayari says. Rehan picks up that I am going home. He says that we have to hold home tightly today. He runs. Aman and everybody comes to Salma Roshni says that we have come to know who you are. That you can meet you someday why didn’t you come before we missed you so much.