Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Roshni and Aman. He asks the children to give armaan. Aman says that we are not your enemies but you are the parents. Baby grandmother cries and makes a toy on them, calling Aman a juggler and He stops her from using magic. We tell them that we have not harmed you, give us the baby and she says do not do this, we do not know why you are angry we are sorry we did not wish to lose you, you lost. Armaan is inauspicious to give back. Aman says that we are a family. We will stay together. The child escapes from Grandma’s body and takes Armaan with her. Grandma faints. Aman and Roshni go after Armaan.

Shayari koepa rehan and shayari to nepal china go their magic and fail and Aman’s doors are closed and she tells the child’s soul to open the doors that leaves the sky in cradle and she asks to do something It is then that he is asked to use more, Roshni says that no, we have decided not to do magic, it breaks. They also come and see their soul with the soul of the child, which goes off, the children disappear, Roshni said not to worry about the regulation, they will take both the children back and it is we mind that Kala Jain has We have been cheated and Armaan has taken Roshni says yes he wanted to take Hanuman from us. We say why he does not leave our child, then only he says that there can be a reason.

Sings she says evil can be powerful she now says but it is certain that it will end. Good power is born to end evil. They see a picture. They see Armaan as black who attacks See only then ji says that it is written in luck that it means that when he does not come and fight with whose child, blacks will die on which Aman says that it means that the college knew that every human would kill Dega Roshni says that Aman says after defeat, he did this trick and took it away, then Ji says that Pyaar wants to kill Maan so that he can change his destiny Aman says that we did not let this happen.