Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Aman thinking about Roshni. He gets upset. The family takes care of him. In the morning Shayari helps the family. Rehan says that you have to leave the house, then Ji stops her and says that I know she Helping us. She alerts me about Hemlal. She is trying to protect the house. I know it is hard to trust her but you can trust me. She goes to.

grandmother crying for Aman. Shayari consoles him. Salma says that Roshni knew that Aman loves her child very much. I am sure she did not let anything happen to the child. Grandma asks where is the baby. The birds take care of the baby and milk for him. As the snow hardens, Aman wakes up and sees a snowfall in his room. He says what it is all about. A rose appears near the ice rocks. He remembers his children. He calls the lights. Grandma asks, are you alright? He says that the light wants to tell something. The room is covered with snow. It means that Roshni wants to send a message. She is alive. Come with me, she does not see anything. Grandma says it was your dream Aman says that it was not cold here. My hands are cold. Why do you believe me? Rehan is not saying that there is no change in power. The truth is that Roshni left us. She did not return.

Aman says that this is not true, she is more and will beat even death. Runs say you do hallucinations. Mind says Shayari talks to someone Rihan spies her. Aman gets rose petals in his hand. He hears a cry calling and turns to look. I don’t see him and he passes. Says that i think she is around me and calling me she says i am with you she can feel with me our children need you or else kala ji will reach us and do some.

Shayari Chasing Rehan, she sees him disappear into the crowd, Roshni says that our child should have been here but she is alone there I have to save her. How do I know he cannot hear me but he can read the message? He fails to take the square. We do not see him. He sees the room of the child. He uses his powers and lights the tent. He lights off. Turns on or turns on the light again. He removes the plug. He knows Roshni and cries the mind says Roshni you are here she says I am here, she says that you are here so prove it to me at that moment. He comes and he is a lion himself. He calls everyone out.

He says Roshni has sent the message again. Roshni and my baby are alive. They have to go. Grandma gets depressed. Trust me, look at when the plug is removed only then Ji says it is probably your magic Rehan says she is right Roshni says I am here Aman is right we need the mind Aman says that What happened to all of you? I know that I need Roshni and my baby. Grandma says it is okay, Roshni is calling you, but you will find her here. Roshni says that How do I tell them that they hear a voice run into Vipul, a cave grandmother in Vipul asks what is this all about Aman says that maybe Roshni wants us to know about that place only then Ji says that it The cave is near Aya Na Parvat and he nods.

Precap :

Aman says it means Kala ji knows these sages. I have to go there. Grandma asks how will you get there.