Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins when Jee tells about the cave that Kala Jeen reaches the cave and sees the light inside, then Jee says that Roshni wants to tell us something by making a cave of light, Aman says that it has become ice He is not able to come here, so my whole room was of snow, then he says that only college can make these Ayana a year. That means he does not come and knows about the child, Roshni has given Aman just a hurry Aman says to say that it means that Kala Jin reaches there I have to go there.

Tabiji says that the magical door is broken Aman says that we have another way, we have no other way, we have to take risks. There is no other option but Kala ji tries to take the child, then Jee asks to be careful with Aman. Aman fails to pass. Roshni asks Aman to hurry. Aman retreats. She says Keep trying, you can save us and tries again. He walks through the cave, the Kailash whom he sees carrying the child. Sword walks and Kala hurts on his hand. Black leaves children. Aman looks at the children and gets emotional.

He hugs the child and asks that you are fine. The child smiles and lights up. Seeing Aman goes to Chowk, he says no. He goes to Roshni. He says that you are very strong. You have sent me a message even after you become your elders. We have saved our child. How can you leave us? Improve our story This is not the story. This is the story of Jinnat Raja and Ayan. This cannot happen. You cannot be upset and leave me. My anger is my love. You cannot punish me, I cannot live without you. Please return me. He cries. It is said that please come back for the sake of the child.

Her Anshu falls from her hand. She starts to be normal. She is happier and takes her child Aman sees her and he cries. Someone with a white umbrella is black. He goes near and asks if you are ready to sleep.

Aman and Roshni come home with the children. Sara gets happy that if Kala ji frees Aman from his heart then why does he fall behind the child, then ji says yes I do not understand it, Seema says that wife will come and will she have the power to live? She wants a baby for the powers, then ji says no they can have a lot of reason. We have to find it. Shayari says I know something about it. Rihan says we know everything about you. Also don’t believe there is a scenery. Mind says let him say it. Shayari says that I checked the record to research Kala Jin. It is written that he never loses. He is always one step ahead of him. But she says that we do not know her plan. We can find out her plan. If we are ahead of one day, once we know her plan, then we can easily defeat her. It is right that.

Amar asked Tabiji whether time travel is possible only then Ji says that yes but it is dangerous too. He hears the bell of the clock. Aman says that we are Ready to take the risk Roshni says that we can take any risk to protect the child from the black life. Shayari says that the key this time will turn this clock into a time machine. We can use it only once. It is only then that Ji says that whoever goes ahead will be ahead 1 day, children we take care of them. Grandma asks if there is any danger in the tunnel, Roshni tells her to worry, you have to come out of the time machine. Otherwise you will be stuck forever Aman and Roshni enter the time machine Shayari runs the time machine Kailash ji comes into the house.

Precap :

Aman says Junaid made this deal I will complete it I will come with you and she says no Take me to college. It says that I can meet both Jenna and Aya in your child.