Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Shayari in which it is said that there is still 5 minutes left, Aman and Roshni are inside the tunnel. Everyone sees the storm coming on the ground and creates an earthquake. Roshni gets trapped. She just leaves Aman Aman says to go. I don’t go without you. He comes out and everything goes well and she asks how it happened. Rehan says that Shayari wanted to lock the two of you in the tunnel forever. that law is the hunter shows that the outside does not say poetry that only law says lights that perhaps he had come to take our  so we will do. 

baby is out peace and calls whom the darkest days the light Aman asked not to take any step in anger, come in baby is with us. Kala ji says that you do not promise and then call me. Now what do you want to plan? Aman says that there is no trick. The one who begs says that just leave my family and go Kala ji says Zeenat Raja is getting the peace Aman says that I am not the state but One father please talk to our family, please pity us, please go away from our lives.

Kala ji says that anyone who never makes a one-way deal, you have to give me something on my back, now the mind says that my father has Chodda He promised you I will fulfill it I will come with you Roshni says no Take me with you Aman says do not listen to him I am ready to come My father promised Roshni does not come Let him spar two black genes that if I say that none of you want anyone, then one of you should take it when you get me both of your children. We feel like I’m ready to come Leave your child Roshni says that it is our fault. Leave the children.

Black Jean says okay if both of you are pleading very much but the deal is not in a way then I will leave three to you if I have to work. You have to find my real name Kaal is not my name Aman asks if everyone says black day, then it is not easy, you will have 3 people if you If you do not know my name, you will face three dangers. Can you do this? The mind says yes, we are love. Kala ji asks him to be ready for the first challenge. He disappears from the first lamp clay.

It turns out, what happened? Grandma asks what you did. Aman says that I had no other way. Everyone agrees with him. Shayari says that the college will try not to challenge her. Roshni says that we have to pass it. Hoga Aman says we will have to wait for Deepak Holi Nayaka, who has guessed the names Dadi says that we cannot guess it Shayari says that I can try to find her name by research Rehan argues that She says that I know someone who can help me, then I say that I will also try to know from the book, Roshni says that wait we do not know the challenges and dangers, we will love children a lot. We have to do a naming ceremony. We will do peace today and everyone is happy.

Everyone comes and dances happily. Grandma asks Aman to tell her name to the child Aman and Roshni says that Armaan Roshni says that Armaan means to dream with happiness eyes Aman says that their life will also be like a dream opens the door Aman. He asks Roshni to go back. He calls Baji Kar. Deepak comes there. He misses. Dadi says Deepak means danger Aman asks what will we do now Roshni says we have to hurry I will go and find out Kala ji’s name Rehan says that she is helping but we don’t trust her with anyone else, I will go with her. Shayari says I don’t need you Roshni says that We will feel that you are safe. If she is with you, then go along. Rehan tells Shayari to come. Shayari asks her to follow her. She goes. Dadi says a big danger is going to come. What will we do? That’s why we say that we should see what is inside the lamp, the mind says that we will open it and see the peace and take the lamp to the lamp Rubs and says it is not opening. He summons the bar jigger and casts a spell to open the lamp.

Precap :

Roshni nurtures the child. She sees the child disappear. Aman asks where he is when he sees the lamp opened.